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Tribeca: Pirates, Politics and War Converge in 'The Project' Poster (Exclusive)

The poster for the Tribeca Film Festival documentary, which follows the equal parts murky and eye-opening story of real-world pirate fighters.

The Project Poster - P 2013

The Project is a movie about pirates without Johnny Depp. It's also a movie about life-or-death military operations, but there are no duty-bound, Stars and Stripes-waving patriots to be found. Instead, this documentary, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, is a stark and shocking look at the outlaw police force that seems a world away, but has a vast impact on the way we live in America.

Directed by the Emmy and Peabody-winning team of Adam Ciralsky and Shawn Efran, focuses on the Puntland Maritime Police Force, a paramilitary group that is working to stop the rampant modern-day pirates from Somalia that are terrorizing the Middle East.

Ethics, international politics and vast pools of blood mix together to blur the lines of right and wrong; the forces were funded by the United Arab Emirates, with involvement from former Blackwater chief Erik Prince, but the UN condemned the group, leading to its sudden decline.

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively premiering the poster of the film, which debuts on Sunday.