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'War Horse': Newest Trailer Heavy on Orchestration, Heartstring Pulling (Video)

Boy and horse hit the battlefield in Steven Spielberg's latest take on the tolls of war.

Out Christmas Day, War Horse is Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List director Steven Spielberg's latest take on the tolls of war.

The newest trailer for the drama expands on earlier versions with more narrative and scenes of the horse, Joey, on the front lines, and bonding with his owner Albert before England takes part in the first World War.

The trailer opens with the horse Joey running through battlefields and jumping over foxholes. Flashbacks cut to Joey's first encounter with Albert and their romps through the lush English countryside.

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After the horse is conscripted/sold, a soldier tells Albert, "I'll promise that I'll look after him and if I can, I'll return him to your care."

Albert sets off to war himself, carrying a drawing of Joey where ever he goes.

One common thread between this expanded trailer and earlier versions is the inclusion of an older man praising the horse, "Can you imagine flying over a war and you know you can never look down. You have to look forward or you'll never get home."

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Dramatic orchestrations by John Williams and shots of actors, including Emily Watson, indicate that Spielberg will be pulling heartstrings with his adaptation of the Michael Morpurgo novel.