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The 22nd edition has been pushed to 2021 as novel coronavirus cases in the country head towards 2 million.
08/04/2020 by Abid Rahman
Hashem Abedi, 23, had denied helping plan the blast but was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and conspiring to cause explosions.
08/20/2020 by the Associated Press
Television Reviews
Ridley Scott executive produces and directs the first two episodes of this HBO Max drama about androids, faith and raising children on a far-off planet.
08/27/2020 by Daniel Fienberg
But Universal is "eager to get our films back in cinemas," Michael Cavanagh tells the Credit Suisse 22nd Annual Virtual Communications Conference.
06/16/2020 by Georg Szalai
"This is amazing," he said. "I didn't expect to feel this way."
09/20/2020 by Katie Kilkenny
Heat Vision
The miniature will be part of special merchandise that will hit this weekend as part of the all-things-DC virtual convention.
08/20/2020 by Borys Kit
Washington, who once paid Boseman's tuition, said the 'Black Panther' didn't "get cheated," but rather "we did."
09/17/2020 by Etan Vlessing
Heat Vision
The majority of staff of the streaming service DC Universe has been laid off, as has editor-in-chief Bob Harras and multiple other executives on the publishing side.
08/10/2020 by Graeme McMillan, Borys Kit
The actor trades the Upside Down for gritty Philly (alongside Idris Elba) in 'Concrete Cowboy' — and his director is already making Denzel comparisons: "This kid was reaching another level."
09/12/2020 by Tatiana Siegel
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A plethora of extra options opposite the season kickoff meant viewers were more spread out.
09/11/2020 by Rick Porter
Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, the Toronto festival selection — starring Mark Wahlberg as a father coming to terms with the suicide of his young gay son — brings the writers together for the first time since winning an Academy Award for the 2005 feature.
09/09/2020 by Pamela McClintock
John Stephens spoke at the Credit Suisse 22nd Annual Virtual Communications Conference.
06/17/2020 by Georg Szalai
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The show, hosted by Ken Jeong, filmed over the summer and will bump 'Masterchef Junior' to later in the season.
08/26/2020 by Rick Porter
David Rooney muses on three decades as a gay reviewer — from toxic stereotypes and the ubiquitous "f-word" to the thrill of Almodóvar and New Queer Cinema, Oscar's 'Brokeback Mountain' burn to the 'Moonlight' milestone and beyond.
06/04/2020 by David Rooney
Movie Reviews
Malin Akerman plays a mom with a secret in Trish Sie's Netflix middle-school adventure .
08/21/2020 by John DeFore