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The ABC drama becomes the top entertainment show in adults 18-49 thanks to delayed viewing.
11/20/2020 by Rick Porter
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The NBC show's Oct. 27 debut posts the largest delayed-viewing gains of the season so far.
11/06/2020 by Rick Porter
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Despite a weak summer, the over-the-air nets are relatively stable year to year.
09/25/2020 by Rick Porter
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Live events once again take up more than half of the top 20.
10/30/2020 by Rick Porter
Best known for his role in 'Oz', the actor speaks with THR about the draw of bringing another incarcerated character to life on screen.
07/03/2020 by THR staff
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Hundreds of hours of Christmas-themed programming is on tap for the weeks leading up to Dec. 25.
11/12/2020 by Rick Porter
"Cardigan" hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart.
08/03/2020 by Gary Trust, Billboard
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Star Clare Crawley and her 31 suitors were quarantined together at a private resort to film season 16.
09/29/2020 by Jackie Strause
Christopher Nolan's tentpole earned $4.7 million in its third weekend of play domestically for a North America total of $36.1 million.
09/20/2020 by Pamela McClintock
Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Damian Lewis and the creators of the era-defining Showtime drama — now entering its eighth and final season — reveal in The Hollywood Reporter’s oral history never-told tales of a show that smashed records, captivated presidents and predicted everything from terrorist attacks to Russian election hacks.
01/16/2020 by Mikey O'Connell
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The Fox competition also posts the largest delayed viewing gains of any primetime show.
10/02/2020 by Rick Porter
With the memory of Hillary Clinton's stunning loss still fresh, Hollywood activists and organizers are all-hands on deck: "There's no 'too late' this year."
11/01/2020 by Kirsten Chuba
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Both party conventions end with significantly lower numbers than four years ago.
08/28/2020 by Rick Porter
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Four decades after Sam Jones first played the science fiction hero, King Features Syndicate is planning a push to bring the character back in a big way.
11/16/2020 by Graeme McMillan
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The ‘Match Game’ host and ‘SNL’ player draws an interesting line between white privilege and pretending that the corpse in the basement is still alive.
10/01/2020 by Mikey O'Connell