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Movie Reviews
Patrick Schwarzenegger and Michael Shannon star in Seth Savoy's thriller about a millennial gang of art thieves.
11/12/2020 by Frank Scheck
Five years after joining the studio as chairman of worldwide television, the reality uber-producer has not only failed to deliver a hit, he has become an agent of chaos at a leaderless company in search of a buyer.
11/19/2020 by Kim Masters
Movie Reviews
A gang of street boys enrolls in a school to dig for hidden treasure below its grounds in Majid Majidi’s Iranian drama condemning child labor.
09/06/2020 by Deborah Young
Heat Vision
Author Leigh Harlen talks about their new anthology, described as for "the people who usually only see themselves appear for five minutes at the beginning."
11/11/2020 by Graeme McMillan
Live Feed
The HBO series gets close to half its premiere-night audience from replays and streaming.
08/17/2020 by Rick Porter
Live Feed
The ‘Match Game’ host and ‘SNL’ player draws an interesting line between white privilege and pretending that the corpse in the basement is still alive.
10/01/2020 by Mikey O'Connell
"I was never able to get it quite right," the writer-director says of the HBO series in a new interview.
11/09/2020 by Ryan Parker
Rambling Reporter
A new book, 'The Rock: Through the Lens: His Life, His Movies, His World,' out Sept. 8, features images of the actor as shot by Hiram Garcia: "That kindness he's so famous for inherently comes through in every image."
09/07/2020 by Chris Gardner
Heat Vision
Matt Reeves shows there’s a way to make audiences feel like they're seeing the character for the first time.
08/24/2020 by Richard Newby
Separately, 'Late Night' host Seth Meyers joked about what his show would be like after the headline-making president's term ends and told a touching story about President-elect Joe Biden.
11/10/2020 by Hilary Lewis
Rambling Reporter
Saddle Ranch has attracted the likes of Addison Rae, Dixie D'Amelio, Josh Richards, Noah Beck and more, making the popular place liken to a "high school lunchroom."
10/09/2020 by Natalie Jarvey

Aaron Sorkin was never able to get 'The Newsroom' to where he wanted it to go, which happened for a number of reasons.

Live Feed
Showrunner Eric Kripke warns, "It's dangerous to train an entire generation to wait for someone strong to come in and save you."
10/15/2020 by Seth Abramovitch
The screenwriter, who wants to see director David Fincher return, has found inspiration in the 2019 book 'Zucked.'
10/07/2020 by Aaron Couch
In 'No Time Like the Future,' the actor reassesses his optimistic perspective after enduring new health challenges.
11/17/2020 by Lexy Perez