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She starred for the Croatian National Theatre in her home country and in a Palme d'Or-winning film from Emir Kusturica.
01/22/2021 by Mike Barnes
Lucy and Ricky are coming to the big screen.
01/11/2021 by Mia Galuppo
Gaga performed the national anthem at Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony, while Lopez delivered a medley of "This Land Is Your Land" and "America the Beautiful." Brooks led the crowd in a verse of "Amazing Grace."
01/20/2021 by Kirsten Chuba
A film critic, academic and novelist notes the acute joy and pain of viewing awards contenders that explore African American genius, including 'Judas and the Black Messiah' and 'The United States vs. Billie Holiday.'
01/24/2021 by Eisa Nefertari Ulen
Ryan White explains the cloak-and-dagger-style process he and his team went through to obtain revealing video of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother: "Making a film about a crime like that, you're always a little paranoid of, 'Are you being watched?'"
01/09/2021 by Scott Huver
Live Feed
The actress and recording artist will also be an exec producer of 'Hungry,' from writer Suzanne Martin.
01/25/2021 by Rick Porter
Heat Vision
Illustrator Brigitta Rena shares her inspiration for the hand-drawn interactive story, which features a young girl and her owl companion.
01/15/2021 by Trilby Beresford
THR, Esq.
The entertainment giant says that Great Divide Insurance Company is denying tens of millions of dollars in coverage by reading insurance policies in an "overly narrow and wrongful manner."
01/15/2021 by Eriq Gardner
The series will be based on the true-crime podcast 'Hunting Ghislaine' from Brit radio station LBC.
01/13/2021 by Alex Ritman
A judge ordered him to remain in prison while the courts consider an appeal by U.S. authorities against a decision not to extradite him.
01/06/2021 by Associated Press
He did two movies starring Chuck Norris and three produced by Roger Corman.
01/09/2021 by Mike Barnes
Rambling Reporter
The guru of live events and awards shows talks to THR about directing a primetime special as history was made in D.C., navigating White House politics and why he was so moved by certain shots of the Bidens.
01/25/2021 by Chris Gardner
Rambling Reporter
The agency will focus on building the poet's profile through brand endorsements and editorial opportunities. 
01/25/2021 by Chris Gardner
Rambling Reporter
The youngest inaugural poet in history steps into the spotlight with an emotional poem, "The Hill We Climb."
01/20/2021 by Chris Gardner
SXSW will run from March 16-20, with the full 2021 program announced on Feb. 10.
01/14/2021 by Mia Galuppo