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Nash was in his early 30s when the track topped the charts in 1972 and he had lived several show business lives.
10/06/2020 by Associated Press
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Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter couch an observation of present-day street dogs in musings about their cosmonaut forebears.
09/09/2020 by John DeFore
The Warner Bros. TV exec, who was considered the heir apparent to Peter Roth, will report directly to Mark Lazarus and be on equal footing with Frances Berwick, who sets the business strategy for the entertainment portfolio.
09/07/2020 by Lesley Goldberg, Kim Masters
Series stars Amy Brenneman, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Strickland, Caterina Scorsone, Kate Walsh, Brian Benben, and Chris Lowell are coming together for the virtual event as part of a Get Out the Vote campaign.
10/19/2020 by Abid Rahman
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Playwright Heidi Schreck has also signed an overall deal with the streamer.
09/17/2020 by Rick Porter
Behind the Screen
This will be the sound postproduction company's first base outside of Southern California.
10/13/2020 by Carolyn Giardina
Behind the Screen
CAS, MPSE and AMPS urge Hollywood to allow the production sound mixer, supervising sound editors and rerecording mixers to share a single card, within proximity of other key roles.
08/03/2020 by Carolyn Giardina
Subscribers will view the updated warnings about racist portrayals before content plays after the studio consulted a new advisory council.
10/15/2020 by Etan Vlessing
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Layoffs are expected to come in business affairs and finance departments where there are staff redundancies.
08/10/2020 by Lesley Goldberg
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On J. Claude Deering's podcast, 'Things Are Going Great for Me,' Pine opens up on 'Star Trek,' Quentin Tarantino and superheroes.
08/27/2020 by Chris Gardner
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This new doc covers more than 100 years of male and female nudity onscreen, with interviews from actors Malcolm McDowell, Mariel Hemingway and Pam Grier and directors Peter Bogdanovich and Amy Heckerling.
08/13/2020 by Stephen Farber
The change may be "less transformative" than first thought, notes LightShed Partners analyst Richard Greenfield.
10/13/2020 by Georg Szalai
Behind the Screen
The studio is currently working on VFX for titles including the 'Avatar' sequels and 'Black Widow.'
09/02/2020 by Carolyn Giardina
Heat Vision
The filmmaker takes elements usually reserved for sci-fi, proving that ideas can transfer from black holes to dark hallways.
10/20/2020 by Richard Newby
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Robert De Niro plays a widower battling with his grandson in this family comedy, also featuring Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken and Cheech Marin.
10/08/2020 by Frank Scheck