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The former journalist, best-selling author and screenwriter dons a new hat for Amazon's drama, running a series with a pandemic plotline during a real-life one: It was "extraordinarily surreal."
09/17/2020 by Tatiana Siegel
Heat Vision
The new look at the Disney+ series offers nods to the Marvel comics.
09/21/2020 by Richard Newby
The awards were handed out over five nights this week in ceremonies hosted by Nicole Byer.
09/14/2020 by Kimberly Nordyke, Hilary Lewis
Vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said non-compliance was not an option.
09/14/2020 by Ryan Parker
Rambling Reporter
Celebrities and influencers are encouraging fans to take "voter actions" by offering unique experiences online.
09/15/2020 by Chris Gardner
Movie Reviews
Andrei Bowden-Schwartz and Sam B. Jones' documentary explores the lives of "mudding" enthusiasts in Central Florida.
09/09/2020 by Frank Scheck
Movie Reviews
Filmed at four hospitals in Wuhan, China, during the first months of the COVID-19 lockdown, a documentary puts viewers in the eye of the medical storm.
09/14/2020 by Sheri Linden
Heat Vision
The star respects 'Fury Road' filmmaker George Miller's decision to bring in a younger actor for the spinoff, but admits it's "a tough pill to swallow" and "a little heartbreaking."
07/06/2020 by Brian Davids
Television pundits differed markedly in their appraisal of the president's acceptance speech on the last night of the RNC, with reaction ranging from from fulsome praise to outright disgust.
08/27/2020 by the Associated Press
Live Feed
ViacomCBS will reinvent the adult animated series for a new era.
08/05/2020 by Lesley Goldberg
Venice's risky move, holding the first international film festival since the COVID-19 lockdown, pays off. "It’s been pretty flawless, quite frankly."
09/11/2020 by Scott Roxborough
The actor shared a video message on his Instagram Wednesday to reveal that he, his wife and two youngest daughters have tested positive for the virus and are no longer contagious after a three-week battle.
09/02/2020 by Lexy Perez
Heat Vision
The new series from AfterShock Comics takes a revisionist look at classic cosmic horror tropes and combines them with noir crime and real-world politics.
08/18/2020 by Graeme McMillan
Graham becomes a co-founding partner and takes on the position of head of music BRND partner Jack Minihan will serve as Range’s exec vp of music.
09/10/2020 by Borys Kit
The film, set for an October release, promises to uncover the U.S. president's "incompetence, corruption and denial in the face of this global pandemic."
09/10/2020 by Etan Vlessing