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The docu-series, which aired on PBS in 1973, is considered one of TV's first reality shows.
01/10/2021 by Kimberly Nordyke
Rambling Reporter
The youngest inaugural poet in history steps into the spotlight with an emotional poem, "The Hill We Climb."
01/20/2021 by Chris Gardner
Temple Hill and Stephen Love are producing the Paramount feature.
01/14/2021 by Mia Galuppo
During debate before the vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Republicans and Democrats to "search their souls." Trump would be the first American president to be impeached twice.
01/13/2021 by Associated Press
Emceeing their shows from a nearly empty Times Square, hosts like Ryan Seacrest, Billy Porter, Anderson Cooper and more masked up, socially distanced and interviewed essential workers in the sparse audience.
12/31/2020 by Katie Kilkenny, Sharareh Drury
The Race
The Hollywood Reporter's awards columnist updates his projections.
01/04/2021 by Scott Feinberg
Spector was convicted of murdering actress Lana Clarkson in 2003 at his castle-like mansion on the edge of Los Angeles. After a trial in 2009, he was sentenced to 19 years to life.
01/17/2021 by the Associated Press
Rambling Reporter
The live special featured appearances by Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, among others. 
01/20/2021 by Chris Gardner
Rambling Reporter
To know Larry King is to know how much he loved Beverly Hills staple Nate 'n Al's deli. One of the staffers who greeted him daily over four decades was Gloria Leon. She tells THR how the beloved broadcasting icon became family and why she never got to say goodbye.
01/23/2021 by Gloria Leon as told to Chris Gardner
In the film starring Andra Day, Daniels tracks the FBI’s fear of the power of 'Strange Fruit': "The government saw that song as a threat and she was a target. That's history and they keep it from us."
01/11/2021 by Rebecca Keegan
THR, Esq.
A federal judge rejects MGM's argument that the copyright owner of 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure,' 'Bull Durham,' 'Rain Man,' and other movies waited too long to sue.
01/06/2021 by Eriq Gardner
The Atlanta Braves said the MLB great died peacefully in his sleep. No cause of death was given.
01/22/2021 by Associated Press
Television Reviews
Kamala Harris and a stunning poem from Amanda Gorman were the main attractions, but even Biden's platitude-heavy speech was refreshing after years of Trumpian solipsism and stupidity.
01/20/2021 by Daniel Fienberg
Movie Reviews
Estonian director Veiko Ounpuu scores his third shot at the Academy Awards with this gritty “Nordic Western” set against the wintry majesty of Lapland.
01/11/2021 by Stephen Dalton
Tara Maitra is named CCO and Jennifer Ball becomes senior vp of marketing as BBC's commercial arm gets set to enter North America's streaming wars.
01/13/2021 by Etan Vlessing