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Heat Vision
A new line of superhero books set in the future of the DC universe will run in January and February.
10/15/2020 by Graeme McMillan
The film, set for an October release, promises to uncover the U.S. president's "incompetence, corruption and denial in the face of this global pandemic."
09/10/2020 by Etan Vlessing
Heat Vision
The move brings the late artist's work back into the magazine, starting next year.
09/23/2020 by Graeme McMillan
Heat Vision
Tom Hopper, Avan Jogia and Neal McDonough will also face the zombies.
10/06/2020 by Borys Kit
Movie Reviews
The latest film from writer-director Yulene Olaizola ('Fogo') is a period piece set in the tropical rainforest bordering Mexico and Belize.
09/25/2020 by Jordan Mintzer
Movie Reviews
Letitia Wright, Shaun Parkes and Malachi Kirby star in Steve McQueen's vital retelling of a landmark 1970 trial that exposed the unrelenting police harassment of London's West Indian community.
09/25/2020 by David Rooney
The former San Francisco 49er star QB will be a free agent, marking the first time since 2016 he has been included in the game.
09/08/2020 by Ryan Parker
Her storied career as a documentary photographer is chronicled in 'The Book of Everything,' featuring more than 600 images of everything from Hollywood film sets to Seattle street kids.
09/23/2020 by Bill Shapiro
The latest script development lab supported by Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey is headed online amid the pandemic to get 12 new projects across the finish line.
08/03/2020 by Etan Vlessing
The screenwriter, who wants to see director David Fincher return, has found inspiration in the 2019 book 'Zucked.'
10/07/2020 by Aaron Couch
Other multi-nominated projects include 'Hamilton,' 'Birds of Prey,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Outer Banks' and the Kardashians.
10/01/2020 by Hilary Lewis
The first new film that will screen is the indie thriller 'Murder in the Woods.'
08/26/2020 by Pamela McClintock
Live Feed
'Titans' will be among the originals set to make the move to HBO Max, which will also now be the home for DC library titles like the original 'Wonder Woman,' among others. 
09/18/2020 by Lesley Goldberg
Heat Vision
'The Hero Trade' is available now in 100 stores, even if the stores themselves don't know it.
09/15/2020 by Graeme McMillan
The Meiselas brothers launched their organization because they were tired of feeling helpless. Six months later, they've raised $2 million and made 80 political ads in their quest to defeat Trump.
10/06/2020 by Ashley Cullins