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Movie Reviews
A group of refugees struggle with life on a remote Scottish island in director Ben Sharrock's bittersweet comedy drama.
09/12/2020 by Stephen Dalton
"Rest in paradise, to a true family man and a gentle, sweet soul," says the family.
11/25/2020 by Ryan Parker
Movie Reviews
The outlaw Dalton Gang battle a coven of witches in Aaron B. Koontz's horror/Western hybrid.
08/20/2020 by Frank Scheck
The Christmas action-comedy is directed by Ian and Eshom Nelms.
10/08/2020 by Sharareh Drury
Movie Reviews
'Rumble in the Bronx' duo Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong’s latest globetrotting actioner finally sees the light of day after a long pandemic delay.
11/18/2020 by Elizabeth Kerr
Walton Goggins and Marianne Jean-Baptiste also star in the action comedy.
09/09/2020 by Mia Galuppo
Take a look at the movies that will disappear from the premium outlet next month.
07/28/2020 by Trilby Beresford
Rambling Reporter
"He really made it look very possible to achieve anything. He taught me, and a lot of people, what it really means to commit to your craft, to maybe even achieve the impossible with your craft. And he did it with grace and he made everyone better at their job," said Mischa Webley of the late actor.
09/03/2020 by Chris Gardner
Heat Vision
The Hollywood Reporter has a preview of the six-part serial that centers on a man who gets advance notice of his own death.
10/06/2020 by Graeme McMillan
Movie Reviews
Mel Gibson plays a new kind of Saint Nick in a holiday action film by brothers Ian and Eshom Nelms.
11/08/2020 by John DeFore
Tom Ortenberg's new company is planning a theatrical and VOD release for the film in late 2020.
09/02/2020 by Scott Feinberg
Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Amy Seimetz and Jon Hamm are already on the call sheet as cameras roll in Detroit.
09/28/2020 by Borys Kit
"In a lot of ways, that character became my Superman suit," the actor says.
09/10/2020 by Ryan Parker
Heat Vision
The actor talks going indie for her first post-'Thrones' role and the secret Kit Harington was told during season three of the HBO hit.
09/04/2020 by Brian Davids
The bleak milestone, recorded by Johns Hopkins University, is greater than the population of Jerusalem or Austin, Texas.
09/28/2020 by the Associated Press