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'Things I Know to Be True,' based on Andrew Bovell's play, is the third project at the streamer for the actress and producer.
10/28/2020 by Rick Porter
The Chinese romantic drama has climbed to $182.8 million, despite allegations from some filmgoers that it's a rip-off of 20th Century Fox's 2014 hit 'The Fault in Our Stars.'
01/17/2021 by Patrick Brzeski
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George Lopez, Andie MacDowell and Jake Allyn are among the stars of this timely story about conflicts over illegal immigration.
01/18/2021 by Stephen Farber
SXSW will run from March 16-20, with the full 2021 program announced on Feb. 10.
01/14/2021 by Mia Galuppo
This year's festival line-up includes several titles that feature disability in the plot, including day one screening 'CODA.'
01/22/2021 by Mia Galuppo
"It's about innocence and true emotion: the hidden dragon underneath,” says Lee of his romantic action epic, calling it the "toughest shoot" of his life.
01/10/2021 by Gary Baum
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The new series comes from 'La Voz De M.A.Y.O.' writer Henry Barajas and artists Rahmat M. Handoko and Bryan Valenza.
01/20/2021 by Graeme McMillan
He worked onstage for Aaron Sorkin and Sam Shepard and appeared onscreen in 'The X-Files,' 'Bosch' and 'The 11th Green.'
01/04/2021 by Mike Barnes
The trailer features archival footage of Ginsburg in her rise to becoming the second female Supreme Court justice in American history.
01/11/2021 by Sydney Odman
He also worked for Paramount, United Artists and Filmways in a career that spanned five decades.
01/22/2021 by Mike Barnes
Zaida Bergoth's artistic biofilm 'Tove' will open the 44th Goteborg festival, which will be mainly online this year due to coronavirus. 
01/12/2021 by Scott Roxborough
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Canadian iconoclast Bruce LaBruce's latest unites mythology, religion, self-obsession and — of course — sex in a tale set in 1970s Quebec.
09/14/2020 by Boyd van Hoeij
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The filmmaker would also co-write an adaptation of Shannon Messenger's bestselling middle-grade fantasy series.
01/11/2021 by
The Netflix series' young monarchs — Elizabeth II's children Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward — entered adulthood in season four, and their clothes reflected their evolving public and private personas.
01/05/2021 by Vincent Boucher
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Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky revisits a 1962 state massacre of striking factory workers, which becomes the chilling turning point in the life of apparatchik Julia Vysotskaya.
09/07/2020 by Deborah Young