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Movie Reviews
A woman desperately tries to uncover the mystery of her missing child in Lauren Fash's debut feature.
10/07/2020 by Frank Scheck
Heat Vision
Matthew Michael Carnahan, who co-wrote thrillers such as 'World War Z' and '21 Bridges,' wrote the script and made his directorial debut with the actioner.
10/09/2020 by Borys Kit
Movie Reviews
A woman desperately tries to escape a homicidal stalker in the wilderness in John Hyams' thriller.
09/16/2020 by Frank Scheck
He recently starred in and executive produced 'BH90210,' Fox's reboot of the teen soap.
09/14/2020 by Etan Vlessing
Movie Reviews
Jimmy O. Yang and Cedric the Entertainer star in a semi-autobiographical comedy about a stand-up comic questioning whether he has the guts for this life.
10/16/2020 by Robyn Bahr
Movie Reviews
Aneesh Chaganty's follow-up to 'Searching' watches as a teen (Kiera Allen) tries to escape the clutches of her desperately possessive mother (Sarah Paulson).
10/08/2020 by John DeFore
Movie Reviews
Wil Wheaton plays the video buddy to a desperately lonely single man in Jon Stevenson's darkly comic horror film.
09/10/2020 by Frank Scheck
Watkins starred in Netflix's 'The Boys in the Band,' opposite Jim Parsons and Matt Bomer.
10/16/2020 by Etan Vlessing
Heat Vision
The superhero pic's move was among a number of major release-date changes announced Monday by Warner Bros.
10/05/2020 by Pamela McClintock, Aaron Couch
Jon Siskel and Greg Jacobs' documentary about a Chicago jobs program features an inspiring training coach.
10/19/2020 by Caryn James
The company works with gamers and digital media stars to build interactive campaigns where their audiences can donate to charities and non-profit organizations.
10/14/2020 by Trilby Beresford
At a socially distant party benefitting Theron's Africa charity, the actress noted the eerie resonance of her 2015 postapocalyptic film: "I always felt like this story was a cautionary tale."
08/01/2020 by Rebecca Keegan
Movie Reviews
Gerard Butler stars in Ric Roman Waugh's apocalyptic thriller, which was released theatrically overseas and will roll out on Premium VOD in the U.S. starting mid-December.
10/14/2020 by Jordan Mintzer
Television Reviews
Netflix's semi-autobiographical comedy stars U.K.-based comedian Katherine Ryan as a woman desperate to get pregnant by her worst enemy.
09/10/2020 by Robyn Bahr
He plays hothead enforcer Cane Tejada on the show.
10/05/2020 by Borys Kit