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Rambling Reporter
Daniel Radcliffe and Josh Groban also appeared as part of the special Girls Inc. fundraiser to help honor Demi Weitz.
08/17/2020 by Chris Gardner
Rambling Reporter
On Saturday night, Richard and Demi Weitz partnered with Jeffrey Katzenberg and the MPTF to raise money during the "Evening Before" event that featured George Clooney, Octavia Spencer and an epic hip-hop reunion.
09/20/2020 by Chris Gardner
The clever comic actor, who died Friday, played clueless characters to perfection on 'Fernwood 2 Night,' 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and 'Modern Family.'
05/16/2020 by Sharareh Drury, Trilby Beresford
Chinese-American director Hao Wu's documentary captures ground zero for COVID-19 as intensive care units are pushed to the breaking point: "My intention was for the audience to be immersed."
09/12/2020 by Etan Vlessing
Movie Reviews
French actor Nicolas Maury ('Call Your Agent!') debuts as a director with the story of an actor looking for his place in the world.
09/10/2020 by Boyd van Hoeij
Movie Reviews
If narrative features at this year's fest felt a bit small, the powerful, ambitious documentary selections — as well as striking works from and/or about people of color — saved the day.
02/02/2020 by Todd McCarthy, Leslie Felperin, David Rooney, Beandrea July, Jon Frosch
The actor trades the Upside Down for gritty Philly (alongside Idris Elba) in 'Concrete Cowboy' — and his director is already making Denzel comparisons: "This kid was reaching another level."
09/12/2020 by Tatiana Siegel
In December 2013, before a legal war erupted and his Viacom and CBS empire was thrown into tumult, the 90-year-old mogul allowed The Hollywood Reporter editor-at-large to visit his estate, hoping to prove his mental fitness.
08/13/2020 by Kim Masters
The 'This Is Us' actor transitions to film in David Oyelowo’s feature directorial debut, starring Oyelowo, Chavis and Rosario Dawson.
09/16/2020 by Kirsten Chuba
The Race
A Zelig of American politics and culture, best known for the "vast wasteland" speech he gave as JFK's FCC chair, reflects on helping to pave the way for public TV, presidential debates and the Obamas' marriage.
09/14/2020 by Scott Feinberg
Movie Reviews
A 17-year-old with emotional issues steps up to save her classmates and face down the perpetrators of a live-streamed school shooting in writer-director Kyle Rankin's action thriller.
09/10/2020 by David Rooney
Jessica Barden's 'Holler,' Venice opener 'The Ties' and Ben Lewin's 'Falling For Figaro' will look to spark interest at this year's online-only film bazaar.
09/01/2020 by Etan Vlessing
Live Feed
 The socialite opens up about childhood trauma, her sex tape and more in the new documentary on her YouTube channel, and tells The Hollywood Reporter why it was time to share her truth.
09/13/2020 by Jean Bentley
Live Feed
The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Williams about the fifth episode of HBO's horror drama, and how his character comes to embrace "unconditional love."
09/13/2020 by Richard Newby
Dan Levy balanced the roles of co-star, co-creator and showrunner of the little Canadian sitcom that could, which slowly built a massive following and earned 15 Emmy nominations for its sixth and final season.
08/14/2020 by Kirsten Chuba