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"Cinemas are an essential industry that represent the best that American talent and creativity have to offer. But now we fear for their future," reads a letter sent to Capitol Hill lawmakers asking for additional pandemic relief.
09/30/2020 by Pamela McClintock
The Starz series reigns after the late rapper’s song was featured in its Dec. 20 episode.
01/12/2021 by Kevin Rutherford
A bound edition of materials about President Donald Trump's second impeachment, set to release on Feb. 9, will feature a foreword from his former attorney.
01/14/2021 by the Associated Press
'Too Long; Didn't Watch,' which debuts tomorrow, features star names including Jon Hamm, Lena Dunham, Alison Brie, Kumail Nanjiani sitting down to watch episodes from some of Peak TV's most influential shows for the first time.
01/11/2021 by Abid Rahman
FilmLA says permit requests dropped 25 percent last month.
01/12/2021 by Bryn Sandberg
Rambling Reporter
The actor re-created a 'Love Actually' scene to announce an agent's promotion to work in TV lit with a focus on the Latinx creative community and then dropped off a special gift on behalf of his DiVide Pictures staff.
01/08/2021 by Chris Gardner
His family reportedly suspects he suffered a fatal heart attack.
01/08/2021 by Ryan Parker
Calls for the tech companies to ban the social media app increased after the capitol riots and reporting showing that app users were encouraging violence in their exchanges prior to the Wednesday event.
01/09/2021 by Sharareh Drury
The legendary actress, soon to publish her memoir, discusses embracing a fearless fashion style in her 90s, conceived by her designer of the past 15 years, B Michael, who says, "I see her as Hollywood royalty."
01/18/2021 by Vincent Boucher
For the past two years, Cercek had been a film executive at New Line.
01/07/2021 by Borys Kit
Movie Reviews
Alister Grierson's comic thriller watches as a man (Ben O'Toole) tries to escape becoming a banquet for a monster.
01/14/2021 by John DeFore
Heat Vision
Kantemir Balagov, the Cannes darling behind drama 'Beanpole,' has been tapped to direct the pilot for the adaptation of the hit video game.
01/15/2021 by Borys Kit
Live Feed
To the sound of Peter Allen's "Once Before I Go," the video includes archival footage of the veteran game show host, who died on Nov. 8, 2020 after battling pancreatic cancer.
01/08/2021 by Trilby Beresford
The streamer's relaunch of the hit political drama will feature cast additions, including Mikkel Boe Folsgaard and Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, ad well as Johanne Louise Schmidt of local hit 'DNA.'
01/11/2021 by Scott Roxborough
Michael Shannon, Mike Myers, Timothy Olyphant and Anya-Taylor Joy are also joining the secretive project.
01/14/2021 by Mia Galuppo