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Sebastián Lelio, the Oscar winner behind 'A Fantastic Woman' and 'Gloria', will direct the riff on the classic Bride of Frankenstein character.
10/22/2020 by Mia Galuppo
He did not mention his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, by name.
01/19/2021 by Associated Press
In the film starring Andra Day, Daniels tracks the FBI’s fear of the power of 'Strange Fruit': "The government saw that song as a threat and she was a target. That's history and they keep it from us."
01/11/2021 by Rebecca Keegan
Chinese Drama 'Wuhai' will close the Spanish film festival, which also added new movies from Swiss director Christian Johannes Koch and Portugal's Marta Sousa Ribeiro to its official selection.
08/24/2020 by Scott Roxborough
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Director Arthur Jones and producer Giorgio Angelini detail why Pepe the Frog's story is a cautionary tale of internet culture.
01/22/2021 by Sharareh Drury
The unscripted creator, producer and executive will lead the ITV America-owned shingle behind 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' and other reality series.
01/19/2021 by Mikey O'Connell
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The Warner Bros. and Legendary film hits theaters and HBO Max March 26.
01/24/2021 by Aaron Couch
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The director says he is exiting for scheduling reasons: "I' m devastated that I won't be able to work with some of my heroes old and new."
01/11/2021 by Aaron Couch
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The classic crime-fighting team will unmask monsters for 24 digital chapters starting in March.
01/14/2021 by Graeme McMillan
Rambling Reporter
Due to the pandemic, a typical inaugural ball was replaced by a star-studded TV special led by Kirshner and Glenn Weiss. THR caught up with Kirshner to hear how they kept so many secrets (including the Katy Perry finale's fireworks).
01/22/2021 by Chris Gardner
Movie Reviews
Alister Grierson's comic thriller watches as a man (Ben O'Toole) tries to escape becoming a banquet for a monster.
01/14/2021 by John DeFore
After John Lasseter's exit, the 'Soul' co-director has reinvigorated Disney's multibillion-dollar Oscar-winning powerhouse by ushering in a new diverse generation of filmmakers and projects.
01/06/2021 by Rebecca Keegan
Between 1988 and 2018, Eipides introduced Toronto cinephiles to Bela Tarr, Abbas Kiarostami, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne and Michael Haneke, among other filmmakers.
01/06/2021 by Etan Vlessing
In an age of anxiety, the lines between mindfulness and entertainment are blurring as apps such as Headspace and Calm pair up with a host of celebrities.
01/24/2021 by THR staff
Heat Vision
The new organization will bring together an online network of stores.
01/11/2021 by Graeme McMillan