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Romania's submission for best international feature follows a group of investigative journalists as they expose deceit and death, cronyism and fraud in the health care system amid street protests following a deadly fire.
01/08/2021 by Alex Ritman
The Atlanta Braves said the MLB great died peacefully in his sleep. No cause of death was given.
01/22/2021 by Associated Press
The youngest son of billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch did not specifically mention Fox News when calling out media outlets for unleashing "insidious and uncontrollable forces."
01/16/2021 by THR staff
Live Feed
Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, James Corden and Seth Meyers dedicated portions of their Wednesday night programs to breaking down the pro-Trump riot that shocked the nation.
01/07/2021 by Trilby Beresford, Sydney Odman
Rambling Reporter
The author, speaker and iconic New Yorker talks to THR about the riots in Washington, D.C., missing out on a promo tour and how it feels to make Martin Scorsese laugh.
01/14/2021 by Chris Gardner
Spector was convicted of murdering actress Lana Clarkson in 2003 at his castle-like mansion on the edge of Los Angeles. After a trial in 2009, he was sentenced to 19 years to life.
01/17/2021 by the Associated Press
Rambling Reporter
The filmmaker joined Bradley Whitford for an ActBlue fundraiser Sunday night, the latest in a series of high-profile events featuring Hollywood insiders ahead of Tuesday's Georgia run-off election.
01/04/2021 by Chris Gardner
Rambling Reporter
Due to the pandemic, a typical inaugural ball was replaced by a star-studded TV special led by Kirshner and Glenn Weiss. THR caught up with Kirshner to hear how they kept so many secrets (including the Katy Perry finale's fireworks).
01/22/2021 by Chris Gardner
The colorful manager started with the club in Brooklyn as a pitcher, then guided L.A. to two World Series titles as he fit in oh-so-well in Hollywood.
01/08/2021 by Mike Barnes
He did not mention his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, by name.
01/19/2021 by Associated Press
As COVID-19 cases spike to new heights in Southern California, protestors continue to target businesses across the city with maskless invasions: "We're not going to stop until we get our freedoms back."
01/13/2021 by Peter Kiefer
'This Sceptred Isle' will tell the tale of some of the most devastating events to ever befall the United Kingdom, and of a Prime Minister leading in these unprecedented times.
01/23/2021 by Alex Ritman
The actress opens up about the "tasty" new space for British women in television: "I have done my fair share of sex scenes, and I’m just so bored of how disingenuous they are. I wanted to be really horribly honest about it all."
01/13/2021 by Mikey O'Connell
The U.S. indie film showcase is turning mostly to online forums for moments and buzz during its pandemic-era 2021 edition.
01/14/2021 by Etan Vlessing
There were two ties, in the categories of best screenplay and best documentary.
01/11/2021 by Hilary Lewis