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Kazuo Ishiguro has written the screenplay, adapted from the 1952 classic 'Ikiru,' with 'Carol' producer Number 9 Films behind the project and Rocket Science shopping at the AFM.
10/15/2020 by Alex Ritman
In a sign of national solidarity, the Zurich Film Festival will let other Swiss events, including the Locarno, Nyon, Freiburg, Basel and Neuenburg festivals, use their theaters to hold screenings this year. 
08/25/2020 by Scott Roxborough
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The Netflix horror anthology debuts its second season October 9.
09/23/2020 by Josh Wigler
The 1990s action icon will play a mysterious former Secret Service agent in his first gig for the streamer and his first action-comedy.
07/31/2020 by Alex Ritman
Movie Reviews
Mackenzie Foy and the voice of Kate Winslet headline this latest, live-action take on the classic book.
11/23/2020 by Michael Rechtshaffen
"I fear a generation of viewers who did not live through these events may mistake fiction for fact," said said culture secretary Oliver Dowden. 
11/30/2020 by Alex Ritman
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The 'Star Wars' actor finally appeared on the HBO show to play along with the silliness.
11/26/2020 by Ryan Parker
The back-and-forth all started on Aug. 16 when the HBO host took shots at Danbury during his show. 
09/06/2020 by Ryan Parker
Rambling Reporter
The Oscar and Grammy Award winner announced DeOndra Dixon's death Monday, praising her "grin as wide as the Rio Grande" while asking for prayers for their family.
10/26/2020 by Chris Gardner
The upcoming feature-length film will center on Black women-turned-social-media-influencers changing the standards of the mainstream beauty market.
08/10/2020 by Lexy Perez
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The 'Last Week Tonight' host ended his show by sending the year 2020 up in flames — literally.
11/15/2020 by Kimberly Nordyke
Rambling Reporter
"I thought I would be able to shed that character and go back to regular life. Six months later, we were back at it," the 'Nine Days' star says of his role as a man whose job requires him to be sequestered in a desert home.
10/24/2020 by
The HBO host fact-checked Trump for several statements he made during Thursday's debate and weighed in on Trump's comment that he was "least racist person in the room."
10/25/2020 by Kimberly Nordyke
The 'Last Week Tonight' host also pays a visit to the Connecticut city that recently voted to rename its sewage plant in his honor.
10/18/2020 by Kimberly Nordyke
The Danbury council voted 18-1 Thursday night to rename the plant after the comedian, who began a tongue-in-cheek battle with Danbury when he went on an expletive-filled rant against the city on HBO's 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' in August.
10/09/2020 by Associated Press