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'Rumble in the Bronx' duo Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong’s latest globetrotting actioner finally sees the light of day after a long pandemic delay.
11/18/2020 by Elizabeth Kerr
The question for writers shouldn't be rooted in whether or not one can write a story — it's whether or not they should.
11/11/2020 by Angela Harvey
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A working-class boy (White K.) from the provinces who arrives in Beijing to become a journalist faces a major ethical decision in Wang Jing’s newspaper drama produced by Jia Zhang-ke.
09/13/2020 by Deborah Young
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AMC's flagship zombie series will conclude after season 11. Here's how the final story arc might play out, based on the comics.
09/09/2020 by Josh Wigler
As studios seek creators who can tell tales from a personal perspective, unintended consequences can arise: "Some people feel rooted in telling stories about their identity, and some people want to be seen as a filmmaker regardless of their gender and race."
10/23/2020 by Rebecca Keegan
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South Korean director Park Hoon-jung ('New World') revisits noir in a raw-fisted, bloody crime drama from South Korea.
09/03/2020 by Deborah Young
Rambling Reporter
The St. Louis native is part of a new initiative born out of the St. Louis Actors Studio to help raise money alongside Sterling K. Brown, Beau Willimon and Neil LaBute.
08/25/2020 by Chris Gardner
From nonprofits to neighborhood movie theaters, bookstores and restaurants, here's how to design a gift-giving strategy that's helpful and hyperlocal.
11/25/2020 by Laurie Brookins
AGC Studios will fully finance the film, based on Lang Lang's memoir 'Journey of a Thousand Miles,' with Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment to produce. 
09/22/2020 by Scott Roxborough
Heat Vision
More than two million fans worldwide watched the online-only version of the European trade fair. 
08/31/2020 by Scott Roxborough
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As the legendary executive will officially exit in 2021, Channing Dungey is near a deal that would see her take over the studio.
10/16/2020 by Lesley Goldberg
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The 'Supernatural' pair will extend a long-standing relationship with the studio.
10/08/2020 by Rick Porter
The 'Big Bang Theory' star rolls out her young production shingle with a series about an alcoholic stewardess who blacks out in Bangkok before waking up next to a dead body and post-sitcom expectations: "You're easily forgotten."
11/10/2020 by Mikey O'Connell
The Hollywood Reporter columnist grapples with Lulu Wang’s contention that only a director with an "intimate understanding of Chinese culture" should tell the story of classical pianist Lang Lang: "The key for any artist is to find the common humanity we all share."
09/30/2020 by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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An artist’s ideas are shaken by a talented young painter on death row in Taiwanese director Yung Chi Chen’s first feature.
11/02/2020 by Deborah Young