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To track the potential spread of coronavirus in an arena, researchers at a German medical university held a daylong test case.
09/01/2020 by Scott Roxborough
Investors are pouring money into SPACs targeting the media, entertainment and gaming spaces, but are there enough acquisition targets to go around?
10/07/2020 by Alex Weprin
As well as big openings for 'My People, My Homeland' and 'Legend of Deification,' a Jackie Chan film earned $25 million during the lucrative National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday period.
10/05/2020 by Patrick Brzeski
Live Feed
The streamer says COVID-19 concerns led to the show's end; 'Teenage Bounty Hunters' is also canceled.
10/05/2020 by Rick Porter
Television Reviews
David E. Kelley returns to broadcast TV with a star-studded, serialized mystery that plays as 'Criminal Minds,' with a twist.
11/17/2020 by Daniel Fienberg
The beloved film turned 40 over the summer.
11/13/2020 by Ryan Parker
The actor also offered an update on his health after both he and his wife contracted COVID-19.
08/11/2020 by Ryan Parker
Cinemas in the Northern California city were told they could flip on the lights as of Oct. 7, but aren't allowed to sell any food or beverages.
10/07/2020 by Pamela McClintock
The actor dropped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to promote his upcoming Netflix film 'Hubie Halloween.'
10/01/2020 by Ryan Parker
The bleak milestone is by far the highest confirmed death toll from the virus in the world.
09/22/2020 by Associated Press
Heat Vision
'This Is Us' star Chris Sullivan leads writer-director Simon Hatt's short.
10/23/2020 by Aaron Couch
The Chinese epic, shot entirely with Imax cameras, is a huge boost for the film industry amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
08/23/2020 by Pamela McClintock, Patrick Brzeski
Heat Vision
Universal will release the film, which also comes from James Wan's Atomic Monster.
10/07/2020 by Aaron Couch
Television Reviews
Hulu's eight-part series offers an outsider's perspective on the Syrian civil war and a man's perspective on the female fighting unit known as the YPJ.
11/18/2020 by Daniel Fienberg
Movie Reviews
Netflix's faux-feminist 'American Pie' spin-off follows four teen girls who vow to pursue their true desires before they graduate high school.
10/12/2020 by Robyn Bahr