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The president pardoned a slew of people on his final day in office, including his former campaign manager Steve Bannon.
01/19/2021 by Abid Rahman, Ryan Parker

Donald Trump has issued a last minute pardon for Lil Wayne and commuted the sentences of Kodak Black and Death Row Records’ Michael "Harry-O" Harris.

Ranging from high-end projectors with massive speakers to smaller travel-friendly options, here are the best projectors to make your living room — or backyard — feel like a cinema.
03/31/2021 by Thomas Hindle
Behind the Screen
Streamland, the parent of Picture Head and Formosa Group, also recently unveiled a deal to acquire Technicolor's postproduction businesses.
04/07/2021 by Carolyn Giardina
Los Angeles railway hub Union Station to serve as an Academy Awards venue along with the Dolby Theater.
03/15/2021 by James Hibberd
Behind the Screen
Cinematographer Andrew Dunn used one extended Steadicam shot to show the legendary performer as she confronts the painful memories that resurface when she discovers a lynching in Lee Daniels' film.
02/25/2021 by Carolyn Giardina
Behind the Screen
Marcell Rév reteamed with Zendaya and director Sam Levinson of 'Euphoria' to tell an intimate story amid a lockdown.
01/19/2021 by Carolyn Giardina
'Home Alone' cinematographer Julio Macat details the creation of the faux gangster movie that gives the holiday classic one of its most iconic lines.
11/23/2020 by Ryan Parker
The Oscars’ April 25 date appears safe, but the Grammys and the SAG Awards are on the move, while Sundance is slimming down and Cannes is drawing up COVID-19 contingency plans.
01/13/2021 by Tatiana Siegel, Scott Roxborough
Movie Reviews
Niamh Algar stars as a film censor in 1980s Britain who gets a little too dedicated to her job in director Prano Bailey-Bond's debut feature.
01/28/2021 by Leslie Felperin
The father of the late Bruno Kirby, he also portrayed District Attorney Bruce Rogoff on 'L.A. Law.'
01/26/2021 by Mike Barnes
He also worked for Paramount, United Artists and Filmways in a career that spanned five decades.
01/22/2021 by Mike Barnes
He worked on several other soap operas and was a familiar face in commercials for Marlboro, Old Spice and Camel cigarettes.
03/02/2021 by Mike Barnes
The Emmy winner also starred opposite David Janssen on 'Harry O' and worked on three TV versions of 'Zorro.'
03/15/2021 by Mike Barnes
The New York native also portrayed a Jewish vigilante on a sobering episode of 'All in the Family.'
01/22/2021 by Chris Koseluk