1. Google-YouTube deal expands broadband nation
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  3. A middle-aged Mr. T still as good as gold
  4. Trouble in WGA-ABC talks
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  7. Beta places bet on English
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  10. Najimy part of 'Numbers' racket
  11. Discovery taps Stinchcomb exec vp for new media
  12. TBS strikes deal for 'Union' comedy
  13. People meters add students away at school
  14. G4 books room on sked for reality 'Block'
  15. ABC wins Sunday with 'Housewives,' 'Sisters'
  16. Comden in ABC/Touchstone laugh pact
  17. Couric's bad news: 7 mil viewers
  18. People meters going to college
  19. Howard flying to 'Iron Man'
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  21. 'Traces of Love' to open Pusan fest Thurs.
  22. Top Daytona sponsors
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