1. Blockbuster shares surge as Antioco ups stake
  2. MTV calling on Youth in Philippines
  3. Few radio opportunities left for PE to play with
  4. Game Stop's revenues double
  5. Citadel merger ties up less cash
  6. Richards calls Sharpton, Jackson
  7. Trib has new Cubs bidder on deck
  8. EC greenlights U.K. tax credits for filmmakers
  9. 'NCIS,' 'American Music Awards' capture Tues.
  10. EU probes French tax break for games
  11. CTV, WBITV ink multiseries streaming pact
  12. O'Donnell-Ripa feud over, Walters says
  13. Duncan warns of ITV-BSkyB 'undue influence'
  14. Few Canadians resist cable/DBS charms
  15. Simpson: 'If I Did It' was for 'blood money'
  16. Study: Biz could see bias suits
  17. DVD-to-iPod copying rejected
  18. Napoli Studios to produce first film in '09
  19. CapCo to acquire Intermedia U.K. divisions
  20. Cash boosts Intandem's worldwide plans
  21. NZ On Air taps Wrightson chief exec
  22. 'Perfume,' TV side drive Constantin profits
  23. Fox challenges FCC authority over indecency
  24. 'Da Vinci' heavenly on DVD charts
  25. The Game wins No. 1 on Billboard 200