1. Shochiku taking projects to AFM, Tokyo fest
  2. Broadway union sets strike vote
  3. Hollywood braces for horrifying Halloween
  4. Wallach joins BBC Worldwide America
  5. Fox cuts back 'Jezebel' order
  6. Hearst-Argyle TV offer expires
  7. Blood’ flows to Marshall-Green
  8. Miami's Bang! fest postponed
  9. Stocks rise following economic readings
  10. Smith investigators serve search warrants
  11. Bloom in L.A. car collision
  12. Spears reduces involvement on new album
  13. Co-defendant to plea in Simpson case
  14. Gore prize hailed as H'wood ending
  15. New Nielsen service spots ad watchers
  16. Controversial Andreotti biopic slotted for May
  17. Imax financials target of suit in Ontario
  18. Russ upped at Studio Hamburg Produktion
  19. Snocap to cut staff by 60%
  20. Ad dollars flood Web
  21. Dialogue: Chief Copyright Judge Sledge
  22. NBC Universal boosts GE quarterly earnings
  23. Kodak to end Olympics sponsorship
  24. Jackson busy with album, film, book
  25. Google, Random House closer on search
  26. 'Grey's Anatomy' leads ABC to win
  27. Spears reveals 'Blackout' track list
  28. The book is Bond:  Moore to sell life story
  29. Spears wins personal plea for nights with sons
  30. Vatican body ready for its film close-up
  31. Kirch taps Jocic to oversee Bundesliga soccer
  32. Busy Mortimer alights at ICM
  33. 'Beast' burdened with Swayze
  34. 12th Pusan Film Fest breaks attendance records
  35. L.A. event to showcase Japanese filmmakers
  36. MGM cleared for Indian TV subsidiary