1. NBC Uni hires Miranda for Asia ops
  2. Dialogue: Danny Glover
  3. Net Effect: CNN record tightens online race
  4. Rossum roars onto 'Dragonball' cast
  5. Canadian groups urge copyright action
  6. U.S. films beat locals at Canadian b.o.
  7. 'Warlords' pillages Chinese b.o. for $1.6 mil
  8. Im sees parallels between Korea, Middle East
  9. Location division aims for 'one-stop shop'
  10. India's Adlabs teams for multisensory cinemas
  11. Stocks fall on inflation report
  12. Spain preparing new digital strategy
  13. Canada to look into free HDTV
  14. Jose Carreras Gala raises $9.4 mil
  15. Australia Film Finance funding new slate
  16. RAI Fiction director Sacca steps down
  17. Report outlines Europe's fast broadband growth
  18. Dubai working to attract more shoots
  19. Sri Lankan director seeks mileage at Dubai
  20. 'Tree' faced climb to children's sidebar at DIFF
  21. Film fest directors go fishing in Dubai
  22. DIFF makeup workshop outlines looks
  23. Week in Review: Led Zep, strike, kudos
  24. Panel: B'casters 'vital' to films' success
  25. WGAE-ABC News deal is OK'd
  26. CBS gets points for originality Thurs. night
  27. 'Lost' in reshuffle of ABC's schedule
  28. WB imaging arm, Prasad tout alliance
  29. Washington screens 'Debaters' on home turf
  30. Mario already conceptualizing next album
  31. 'Time' is right for new Jackson disc
  32. Police score top-grossing tour of '07: $212 mil
  33. London critics like the look of 'Blood'
  34. FTC chair won't step down from Google review
  35. Anthrax picks unknown singer for frontman
  36. Kidman wins damages from British newspaper
  37. Depp 'best,' Ferrell 'worst' for celeb autographs
  38. 'Static' prevails on next Johnson album
  39. Jane's Addiction's Avery preps solo debut