1. Paul Haggis Joins Pile-Up of 'Crash' Lawsuits
  2. Nielsen Sets its Sights on Copyright Pirates (and the Studios That Hate Them)
  3. Theater Reviews
  4. Theater Reviews
  5.  'Legal' is longer-lasting
  6. Decisions Dec. 5, 2007
  7. Women in Entertainment
  8. Moonves: Keep talks alive
  9. 'Kimmel' off ABC payroll
  10. Showtime's 'Dexter' to Eye net
  11. 'Potter' summons up ratings for ABC Family
  12. Hirsch, Franco, Brolin got 'Milk'
  13. money digest
  14. obituaries
  15. Balthazar resets 'Ben X' for U.S.
  16. 'Wire' plugs in VOD vignettes
  17. 'Sugar' plays ball with HBO Films
  18. Hirsch, Franco, Brolin got 'Milk'
  19. Nielsen keeps badge for 'Fricke'
  20. 'Legal' is longer-lasting
  21. Ramage joins Bienstock
  22. Stable of emerging nets has Discovery optimistic
  23. Myriad, 407 on drawing board
  24. Televisa eyes dolares for U.S.
  25. Rodriguez rises early for CBS
  26. Few give thanks in November
  27. news/reviews digest
  28. Bertelsmann eyes rest of RTL
  29. CineAsia hosts digital revolution
  30. Moonves: Keep talks alive
  31. Is Lionsgate stalking the Lion?
  32. Google ad search targets a partner
  33. Women rise, shine at THR power fete
  34. Blood brother is first aid for CBS
  35. HBO's 'Wire' plugs in VOD vignettes
  36. Number's up for '300' with high-def wins
  37. Technicolor pacts for Singapore hub
  38. Margolis returns for SAG telecast
  39. Warm Bravo greeting for 'Hey Bitches'
  40. Juris promoted at Court TV
  41. Cohen consults on WB, Uni, Digital venture
  42. THQ takes on 'Indiana Jones'
  43. Airey plays the quiz shows
  44. Botswana on map for BBC1 winter sked
  45. World to U.S.: Keep pics rolling
  46. Nielsen keeps badge for A&E pilot 'Fricke'
  47. Jackson treks to 'Unfinished' hospital film
  48. Reinforce digital levees before the Exaflood hits
  49. Rapper Pimp C found dead in hotel
  50. A royalty reset for sat pack
  51. Move aims to hang up Martin
  52. Is Lionsgate on the hunt for the Lion?
  53. Hatcher sued for $2.4 million
  54. Stable of nets has Discovery optimistic
  55. Airey eyes 12 Yard as first ITV buy
  56. Argentina actors strike comes to end
  57. MTV sets sights on Buenos Aires ops
  58. Bertelsmann seeking total control of RTL
  59. Bonnaroo organizers quash Led Zep rumor
  60. DHX Media snaps up ani house Studio B
  61. Digest: EchoStar falls; Clear Channel extends
  62. 'Wall' tops Peacock pack
  63. 'X-mas, Inc.' under Lemon's tree
  64. 'Dharm,' 'Miles' share First Films prize
  65. It's a holiday miracle: Sides 'actually talk'
  66. Dutch film body wants greater anti-piracy effort
  67. Pair joins CTV/Rogers Olympics team
  68. Younger viewers catch up on TV via Web
  69. Few give thanks for stocks in November
  70. News Corp. purchases Beliefnet
  71. Agent Ramage joins N.S. Bienstock
  72. Quaid sues drug maker over blood thinner
  73. Stocks fall as investors grow pessimistic
  74. 'Early' days for Rodriguez
  75. 'Housewives' causes ABC ratings storm
  76. CineAsia hosts digital revolution
  77. 'Visit' not foreign enough for Oscars, Globes
  78. BBC1 unveils dramatic winter schedule
  79. Publicists to honor Apatow with award
  80. Balthazar resets hit 'Ben X' for U.S.
  81. Xbox launches film download service
  82. Pitt plans 150 homes for Katrina victims
  83. Chappelle breaks own endurance record
  84. Akon pleads not guilty in fan tossing
  85. Nokia in free music pact with Universal
  86. Italian court orders toons to witness stand
  87. Smit: Charter VOD sales outlook good
  88. U.S. films remain a hot ticket abroad
  89. Brooks sells out 5 benefit shows at Staples Center
  90. Google looks to click with ad companies
  91. IM shareholders reject capital increase
  92. Yushita tops NBC Uni pay TV in Japan
  93. Nat Geo Digital finds China partner
  94. NHK has high hopes for Korean drama
  95. Game developers expect credit where credit is due
  96. Imus returns to air 8 months after firing
  97. Stocks pare losses after Paulson comments
  98. Spears tops list of Yahoo searches for 2007
  99. 'Walk Hard' soundtrack ups ante for parodies
  100. Studios seeing the dollars and sense in preservation
  101. Euro film preservation flourishing
  102. U.K. immigration changes could affect industry
  103. 'ER' has defied the adds to reach 300 episodes
  104. Best picture hopefuls face chilly boxoffice
  105. THR critic surveys likely best picture candidates
  106. Academy members already picking their favorites
  107. CBS Films sinks teeth into 'Beastly'
  108. Who has the right to show preserved films?
  109. Producers reveal genesis of Oscar hopefuls
  110. 'Repo!' sews together pop, metal, rap, horror
  111. NBC shares 'Apprentice' wealth
  112. digital reporter
  113. NBC shares 'Apprentice' wealth
  114. Hollywood Docket Dec. 5, 2007