1. 'Grey's' wins Thurs. for ABC; 'Armed' misfires
  2. Cruise advised Beckham on L.A. move
  3. Beckham move dazzles press
  4. Dolans make 'best and final' Cablevision bid
  5. NBC Uni to launch Chiller, Clooney mini
  6. Columbine game furor slams Slamdance
  7. Rainbow, GSN, Sundance set plentiful table
  8. Napster uploading AOL music subs
  9. Tribune sale looking unlikely
  10. Feds probe Apple stock options grant to Jobs
  11. Iger's compensation doubled in '06
  12. EMI restructures, warns investors as execs exit
  13. Pharmacy sues Jackson for prescription debt
  14. Carter, Foster top Sony BMG Canada
  15. Video game sales a record $12.5 bil in '06
  16. Paramount revamps Mexico distribution
  17. Audience for French pics drops in '06
  18. Miramax, SPC lead WGA docu noms
  19. Scripter goes to 'Children of Men'
  20. 'Queen' rules over BAFTA nominations
  21. STAR taps Aiello as CEO
  22. 'Class' fans get online field trip
  23. China cracks down on reality TV
  24. Stock of satellite radio providers XM, Sirius up
  25. Underwood getting busy on new album
  26. Six Flags posts loss, sees '07 surge
  27. Irwin's widow: Stingray video destroyed
  28. India eyes bigger slice of film biz pie
  29. 'Little Mosque' producers look abroad
  30. Disney hits new 52-week high
  31. Adelphia extends bankruptcy approval date
  32. Levy's 'Hitler' No. 1 at German b.o.
  33. Hope publicist Ward Grant dies at 75
  34. Braxton claims former manager duped her
  35. OFT takes hard look at BSkyB-ITV deal
  36. Legislation draws Spain b'casters ire
  37. Jowell: Perceived role in Dyke firing 'rubbish'
  38. Berlin's Generation turns 30
  39. AOL Deutschland ups Ahlers
  40. Al-Arabiya TV cleared for Canada
  41. Details of iPhone trademark spat emerge
  42. Producer Steve Krantz, novelist's spouse, dies
  43. Piracy target's daughter, 20, ordered to pay
  44. Oz local product gets big '06 boost