1. Rosenberg bent on SAG second act
  2. Actors Equity study: Union work up
  3. Clapton follows Stones to Shanghai
  4. Estrada gets earful on cop job
  5. Pellicano to rep self in wiretap trial
  6. Italian groups apoplectic over 'Apocalypto' rating
  7. 'CSI,' CBS cut rivals Thursday
  8. Private Capital splices in Avid
  9. Nielsen SoundScan releases year-end data
  10. Stallone goes to bat for boxing
  11. Field narrows for Scripter Award
  12. 'Casino,' 'Queen' lead BAFTA noms
  13. 'United 93' panel
  14. Japan phone giant takes NTV stake
  15. WGAE targets Bergman for Hunter nod
  16. Steinberg, NBC Universal in rich development pact
  17. Bakish rises at MTV Nets Int'l
  18. Fox rules for trio of hour pilots
  19. Bacharach-Dickinson daughter kills self
  20. Salmi guiding MTVN d-media
  21. Touchstone TV playing music with Soler
  22. Time reportedly looks at 150 layoffs
  23. DIY ads break into Super Bowl lineup
  24. Simpson's 'If I Did It' pay frozen
  25. Canal Plus, TPS finalize sat merger
  26. German boxoffice still in recovery
  27. Circuit City, Best Buy have merry Dec.
  28. Stocks take a beating Friday
  29. Alliance talking with potential buyers
  30. DELETE
  31. 'Brain!' to get silent treatment in Berlin
  32. French ad market up 7.4% in '06
  33. Google buys stake in China's Xunlei Networking