1. Three series take dip in Adult Swim
  2. Distribs will be watching 'Detectives' at Tribeca
  3. ESPN right for Big 12 deal
  4. Surprise settlement in 'Grace' case
  5. "House-ism"
  6. Green apple
  7. Climate change
  8. Tribeca's 'Entourage'
  9. Calm before the summer storm
  10. America's Idols
  11. risky business
  12. news digest
  13. Valenti 'ultimate leading man'
  14. Man of letters: Angus holds Oda's feet to fire over fund
  15. Peeks perform for MTV, allies
  16. EFP making reservations for Cannes' new 21 club
  17. Q4 report has Nintendo saying Wii
  18. the world digest
  19. Calm before the summer storm
  20. Ames hits high note at EMI Music
  21. 'Macbeth' plays via Truly, Union
  22. Dancing in the aisles at Regal
  23. Sony launches video-sharing network
  24. 'Spidey' spins tangled web of tie-ins
  25. JWT agency flexes creative muscle
  26. Infinity will last for three years with First Look
  27. 'Hip Hop' beats its R rap
  28. MySpace race reaching China
  29. Broad strokes for Adult Swim
  30. Sub gains propel Comcast
  31. ABC's Wong confirmed as new president of Lifetime
  32. Ames to head EMI Music North America
  33. 'Macbeth' plays via Truly, Union
  34. Wong gets nod as Lifetime chief
  35. Wong gets nod as Lifetime chief
  36. Weinsteins investing in Asian films
  37. 'Tied Hands' wins best pic at Palm Beach fest
  38. A legacy of passion, a legacy of respect
  39. 'Spidey' spins tangled web of tie-ins
  40. SAG weighs in at nonunion audition
  41. SAG creates committee for contract talks
  42. Sub gains propel Comcast
  43. Maxed-out Q1 at Regal; net rises 20-fold
  44. Trio reaches new Summit jobs
  45. New thrillers in state of rigor mortis
  46. Spidey fans get creative with Web contest
  47. 'Spidey' fans will tangle in Web contest
  48. Spain eyes EU for 5% solution
  49. Baquero is Gold Circle 'Daughter'
  50. Kirkpatrick lands Par pic with Murphy
  51. 'Grace' case: Verdict in, out
  52. Webb up for 'Summer' lovin'
  53. Jack Valenti dies at 85; led MPAA for four decades
  54. MySpace race reaching China
  55. Valenti had legacy of passion, respect
  56. Angus challenges Oda over fund
  57. Peeks perform for MTV, allies
  58. Nintendo saying 'Wii' over Q4 profit
  59. Trio reaches new Summit jobs
  60. 'Magneto' attracts Goyer
  61. SAG, WGA are getting chummier
  62. 'Hip Hop' beats its R rap
  63. Kidman, Fox married to 'Millionaire'
  64. Baldwin makes TV apology, consults with Dr. Phil
  65. 'Family Guy' cleared in 90% of country
  66. Silverman hosting MTV Movie Awards
  67. Clear Channel takeover may hang on proxy decision
  68. Fox attracts Goyer for 'Magneto'
  69. Morelia unveils feature competition
  70. Sony strikes Peace accord
  71. Madrid's Screenings sets June dates
  72. Retail music sales slide in first quarter
  73. Pirates weave tangled web on 'Spidey'
  74. 'Monster Mash' singer Bobby Pickett dies
  75. Stocks finish flat after Dow cracks 13,000
  76. EFP making reservations for Cannes' 21 club
  77. Ames to head EMI Music North America
  78. Spector defense: Clarkson had 'self-inflicted' wound
  79. Rapper-actress Eve arrested after crashing car
  80. Spain eyes EU for 5% solution
  81. Regal Entertainment Q1 earnings soar
  82. Clarkson to spend 3 months on road for album
  83. Lavigne's 'Girlfriend' tops Hot 100
  84. Jobs: Apple customers not into renting music
  85. Apple shares soar above $100 on profit report
  86. Two-hour 'Idol' alone at top Wed.
  87. Two-hour 'Idol' draws 26.4 mil viewers Wed.
  88. Central Europe closes in on digital elites
  89. AOL launches India portal
  90. Grant accused of baked beans attack
  91. Italy film report a mixed bag
  92. Agency flexes creative muscle with series
  93. Valenti 'ultimate leading man'
  94. XM reports loss, but shares rally
  95. Canada's kids, parents differ on viewing
  96. Summer Cinema showcases set
  97. Sorrentino focuses lens on Andreotti
  98. West, Stewart added to Princess Di lineup
  99. Committee aligns for SAG, WGA
  100. Unconventional stops enliven White Stripes tour
  101. Herzog, Linklater Munich bound
  102. Oz won't give Snoop Dogg his day
  103. Philbin returns after 6-week absence
  104. Clear Channel Q1 profit rises 6%
  105. Arrest warrant issued against Gere for kiss
  106. World IP Day touts importance of creativity
  107. PS3 architect retires as Sony struggles
  108. Silverman to host MTV Movie Awards
  109. BAFTA game awards finds new home