1. Farino devotes 'Year' to Par
  2. Parsons may ditch CEO title
  3. 'Payne' brings TBS big gain in ratings
  4. Tapp leaving XM Canada
  5. Low turnout for Ch. 4's Diana docu
  6. Stocks drop sharply, Dow falls nearly 200
  7. CRTC preps CTV-Chum ruling
  8. Drop the merger deal, NAB tells Karmazin
  9. NBC Uni in concert with online 'Room'
  10. Linkin Park stays No. 1 in Europe
  11. Hilton released from jail, confined to home
  12. Johnson gets busy on fifth studio album
  13. Zellweger, 'Potter' set for Karlovy Vary
  14. Can Hollywood do as well in summer of '08?
  15. Reality, nonfiction producers want Emmy rules changes
  16. Gabfests dominate the variety, music and comedy Emmys
  17. 'Thirteen' in first place Friday; 'Knocked Up' edges 'Pirates'
  18. American Express uniquely involves celebrities
  19. The Vine: No raise offer irks 'CI' stars
  20. No raise offer irks 'CI' stars
  21. 'Ruffian' lawsuit stays at gate
  22. Judge orders Hilton back to court for hearing
  23. Lancaster in talks for Fox drama role
  24. Parsons closer to his Time out
  25. risky business
  26. Here! net launches in Southern California
  27. IDA turns up music with new award
  28. Mobile moves at Sony BMG
  29. Eastman taps Spinotti for jury duty
  30. 25C gets new deal with SPT; Beverly upped
  31. 'Surf's Up' paddles out with tie-ins
  32. Lorber, Hidden Treasures pair for new firm
  33. 'Ruffian' lawsuit stays at gate
  34. news digest
  35. executive suite
  36. 'Heritage' puts Endemol on Russian radar
  37. the world digest
  38. Pair feeling TBS' 'Payne'
  39. You've got to give them credit
  40. Indie 'Garden' growing with Suvari, others
  41. Facinelli claims 'Damages' role
  42. Cine Expo to fete Marinca
  43. Participant wags 'Taildraggers'
  44. 'Bones' roller Nathan signs with 20th TV
  45. NAB to Karmazin: Tune out merger
  46. Major 'Payne' debut for TBS
  47. 25C gets new deal with SPT; Beverly upped
  48. Global numbers game needs a new rule book
  49. Watson: Films build truth, justice and American way
  50. Facinelli gets 'Damages' as a recurring
  51. A 'Howl' of a docu program
  52. Washington discharged from 'Grey's Anatomy'
  53. 'Sopranos' signoff marks end of era
  54. 'Transformers,' premieres topline '07 Taormina fest
  55. Sound, fury don't equal ratings
  56. Banff fest a coming-of-age story
  57. Lewis moves to WBDTD for biz role
  58. Par blesses Farino with 'Year'
  59. 28 writers up for Humanitas nod
  60. Tribeca ups four in venture push
  61. 'Surf's Up' paddles out with tie-ins
  62. Participant, Broken Lizard team
  63. Leoni enters city of death and dentistry
  64. 'Away' makes b.o. strides in Canada
  65. Japanese news service to hit Beltway
  66. U.S. series stars flock to Monte Carlo
  67. 'Transformers,' premieres topline Taormina fest
  68. Cinema Expo Int'l to honor Marinca
  69. Zellweger, 'Potter' set for Karlovy Vary
  70. Latest sequel is 'Ocean's' apart
  71. Gad lands 'Rocker' gig at Fox unit
  72. Waterston to step into new DA role
  73. Turner on jury duty at Flanders
  74. Canal launches digital terrestrial service
  75. Tsk 'Tiski': Critics decry film's funding
  76. Disney Channel, Tiscali close deal
  77. Banff fest a coming-of-age story
  78. Amex uniquely involves celebrities in campaigns
  79. Watson's bill: Films ideal for American way
  80. Pair feeling TBS' 'Payne'
  81. Lewis named exec vp for biz at WBDTD
  82. Humanitas bestows noms on 28 writers
  83. Stax label celebrates 50 years of soul
  84. Spector testimony highlights female vulnerability
  85. Tartan picks up rights to Cannes films
  86. Connery won't be back in 'Indiana Jones 4'
  87. 'Borat' draws another lawsuit in New York
  88. Fox has spring in its step with new 'Dance'
  89. 'Heritage' puts Endemol on Russian radar
  90. Author sues Apatow over 'Knocked Up'
  91. Bush meets musicians Bono, Geldof, N'Dour
  92. Rihanna tops Hot 100 on U.S., new Canada chart
  93. Chesney names new album, issues first single
  94. Akon throws teen boy from stage, hurts woman
  95. First Entertainment has long-running role in Hollywood