1. 'P2' sounds like sequel, but is first for Summit
  2. Pusan fest unites Korean, Chinese film sectors
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  16. NBC loves the late-night life
  17. 'Kingdom' required a firm hand
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  19. Here! comes a lot of originality
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  21. Chicago is int'l film's kind of town
  22. births
  23. 'Dinner' served inaugural THR Award at Cologne fest
  24. sharper picture
  25. Latest FFC slate funds LaPaglia homecoming
  26. Diverse quartet to face off for Discovery nod
  27. San Sebastian gets 'A' in poli sci
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  30. Shadyac, Uni buy into 'Sensitive' act
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  33. Deep pockets breed resentment
  34. 'Bionic,' 'Private' come out swinging Wed.
  35. 'Money' moves by CNBC
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  37. Peace Arch puts tail on 'Detectives'
  38. 'Kingdom' coming on strong
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  42. Four meet 'Girl' for CBS pic
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  45. Copps: Deals facing 'steep climb' at FCC
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  51. Unions resist 'Temptation'
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  60. A healthy way to rock out
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  63. 'Kingdom' required a firm hand
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  67. Chicago international film's kind of town
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  72. Yahoo streamlines ent. div.; no layoffs expected
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  83. San Seb gets an 'A' in poli sci
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  90. Disney shuts down mobile venture
  91. Infogrames to unveil Atari revamp
  92. More 'Eureka,' 'Truth' at Sci Fi
  93. Soulja Boy tops Hot 100 chart
  94. FCC slate funds LaPaglia homecoming
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  96. Here! comes a lot of originality
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  102. 'Dinner' served inaugural THR award
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