1. Madea Goes to Court (and Wins!)
  2. West Coast SAG members hear leaders' pitch
  3. Sony producers have cable hookup
  4. 'Bashir' director eyes 'Congress'
  5. HBO picks up 'Hung'
  6. MGM picks up 'How-To Guide'
  7. Billy Ray in for 'Conjure Wife'
  8. Lucy Gordon boards Gainsbourg pic
  9. Sci Fi to gather more 'Ghost Hunters'
  10. Comedy scribes, ABC start 'Family'
  11. James Badge Dale joins AMC thriller
  12. CBS, Turner consider Olympics bid
  13. Larsen is perfect kickoff for MLB net
  14. Jay McCarroll doc lands distribution
  15. Video label sues Weinstein Co.
  16. NAACP: Industry 'Out of Sync'
  17. Palm Springs fest unveils lineup
  18. Headline News changing name
  19. Sony gives distribution execs the world
  20. Study: Young people watch less TV
  21. USA Network tops cable (and the CW) for 2008
  22. Adam Shankman set for two projects
  23. Commentary: Madea goes to court, so plaintiff calls for Marshall law
  24. Oscar Watch: Critics' picks
  25. 'Dark Knight's' DVD bow is heroic
  26. Fan death made Cowell reconsider blunt comments
  27. Theater Review: Oedipus
  28. Theater Review: Rain Man
  29. Akon pleads guilty to fan tossing
  30. MPAA ratings: Dec. 17, 2008
  31. Film Review: Seven Pounds
  32. In the desert, winds of change
  33. Creating art amid the chaos of war
  34. Dubai honoree Tsui Hark looks back
  35. It's the 'Outlaws' life for Rachid Bouchareb
  36. 'Barbershop' has ART connection
  37. Dubai volunteers keep wheels turning
  38. Film on anti-terrorism tactic makes mark
  39. 'Momma's' debuts; CBS has best Tuesday in years
  40. Open Season
  41. J.K. Rowling book fastest seller of year
  42. Cable firms giving free switchover equipment
  43. MTV Australia, Vodafone team for awards
  44. UBS upgrades Canada's BCE, cuts Telus
  45. Taylor Swift tops Billboard 200 again
  46. 2008 Dubai International Film Festival
  47. Fan of Lindsay Lohan arrested
  48. Obama named Time's Person of the Year
  49. People's Choice taps Underwood to perform
  50. Berlin's Generation for maturing audiences
  51. Kirch wins skirmish against Deutsche Bank
  52. Greece's Antenna hires Guillaume de Posch
  54. Disney is on top of its small world, but not everyone is along for the ride
  55. Keeping Eye on prize
  56. Work force, games cut at Midway
  57. Brit b'casters battle over cost of promos
  58. Fontana back as head 'Philanthropist' at NBC
  59. Wanted: 'Adventure capitalists'
  60. Camera crew tips its lens cap to Nolan
  62. Helmer ordained for Screen Gems' 'Priest'
  63. Tunes and toons for Soulja Boy
  64. TV studios act on a shift to AFTRA
  66. Ford rises early for Par's talk-show pic
  67. 'Deadgirl' duo tapped to update Danish thriller
  68. N.Y. may tax pics, pay TV, downloads
  70. Lively 'Dexter' finale a boost for Showtime
  72. Doc draws districting drama
  74. Economy shouldn't dampen Sundance
  75. Film Dept. fancies redo as 'Perfect' fit
  76. 'Wedding' for Reitman and his mate
  77. Disney to launch Russian TV channel