1. Disney jumps ship on next 'Narnia'
  2. Lauren Velez set for 'Ugly Betty' arc
  3. WBTV sues CBS over 'Men'
  4. 'Runway' suit stays in N.Y.
  5. Fest sneak peeks often dash hopes
  6. CBS peaks in bleak season
  7. NBC won't allow Super ad
  8. USA returns as king of cable
  9. CBS peaks in bleak season
  10. Fierce competition at Christmas boxoffice
  11. Commentary: Reading 'Reader's' Oscar tea leaves
  12. Warner Music Group chief beats rap
  13. William Blinn to receive WGAW lifetime nod
  14. 'Whale Wars' tops for Animal Planet
  15. Commentary: Long tail isn't wagging Hulu just yet
  16. Paley Center taps THR sales director
  17. CBS' comedies easily win Monday
  18. Springsteen hits album due via Wal-Mart
  19. New Kelly Clarkson single weeks away
  20. Seattle band notches U.K. label's first gold
  21. Michael Jackson lung illness denied
  22. Sony/ATV launches Spanish, Latin license
  23. Warner Music inks deal for Dutch 'Popstars'
  24. 'Sopranos' actor cleared of murder charge
  25. Tina Fey voted entertainer of the year
  26. Christophe Lambert giving MIPTV keynote
  27. ContentFilm reports drop in gross profits
  28. Premiere under debt restructuring plan
  29. Christmas early for 'Madagascar'
  30. Lil Wayne, T-Pain
  31. 36 make the cut at CineMart
  32. Trio will be honored at Palm Springs fest
  33. Lumieres noms: high 'Class'
  34. China blocks Taiwan story
  36. A weekly double? 'Hallelujah'
  37. AFTRA lays out its vision
  38. From the CIA to spandex, we salute these most-welcome diversions of '08
  39. Agency runs trick play with Super Bowl spot
  40. Nick invites kids to pop-culture site
  41. Ex-pol Thompson to deliver daily radio address
  42. Career honors span musical boundaries
  43. TV flips the switch
  44. It's tough on border patrol
  45. Political ads offer some relief
  47. 'Trainer' lets WB site take flex schedule
  49. It's the power of pigskin
  50. Herriman in search mode for NBC pilot
  51. Warped turns 15, rocks on
  52. Owen, 2929 crank it up for 'Cartagena'
  53. Beijing sets plan for 'Broadway'
  54. STAR to launch Farsi-language channel