1. FCC Chairman Promises Comcast Investigation
  2. The 34th Annual People's Choice Awards
  3. Kings
  4. Make Me a Supermodel
  5. Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach
  6. Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew
  7. Hollywood Docket: Did a Jewelry Commercial Turn Into a Porno?
  8. Decisions Roundup: 5th Cir. Denies Attorneys Fees to Man Wrongly Sued for File-Sharing
  9. E! Settles Supermodel's Suit Over 'Salacious Exposé'
  10. Showtime greenlights 'After Dark'
  11. Reality bows power NBC's win for week
  12. Turner Animation hires Freeman
  13. 'Debaters' heading to Berlin film fest
  14. Companies unite to attack piracy
  15. Ken Nelson, longtime Capitol scout, dies
  16. Fightin' 'Coreys' in rematch
  17. Axium International closes up shop
  18. China's Youku video-sharing site taking off
  19. 'Definitely' is a sure thing at S.B. fest
  20. Consumers king for Comcast
  21. Walden, Bristol Bay cut 12
  22. money digest
  23. The clouds part for cable sector
  24. Ice warms to Fox deal
  25. Big business: Placements up in '07
  26. Right rhetoric: 'Debaters' tops Image Awards noms
  27. news digest
  28. NATAS keeps tech Emmy date
  29. Sharp label bookmarks first
  30. For Santa Barbara opener, 'Definitely' is a sure thing
  31. 'Weather' report: Pair joins indie pic
  32. Logo steps into 'Sordid' realm
  33. Fightin' 'Coreys' in rematch
  34. College football makes the grade
  35. Campaigning for eyeballs
  36. Axium might have dealt its last paycheck
  37. 3 minutes, 17 votes, many grins
  38. Warners preps pink slips
  39. Oscar: What, me worry?
  40. People: 'Pirates' is top pic
  41. Sony/ATV dams up streaming
  42. obituaries
  43. To protect and preserve
  44. 'Bees' keep a sweet role for Bettany
  45. Indies occupy most chairs at DGA film noms
  46. McCormick prod'n head at Warners
  47. Karmazin losing patience
  48. Hold everything, Dingell tells Martin
  49. 'Debaters' tops Image Awards noms
  50. Weinstein Co. pages Winslet
  51. People's Choice:  'House,' 'Men,' 'Pirates' tops
  52. MTV spreads online reach with vid pacts
  53. Woman says Lohan cost her thousands
  54. 'Zoey 101' special gives Nick numbers
  55. Indies dominate directors guild nominations
  56. Cable nets campaigning for eyeballs
  57. Vote goes down easy, early in tiny town
  58. Highlights of networks' election coverage
  59. Martin firm on Feb. '09 DTV switch
  60. 'Cloverfield' monster movie hoping for monster business
  61. McCormick elevated at Warner Bros.
  62. Saving Spielberg's tribute
  63. NATAS keeps tech Emmy
  64. Blu-ray software could hit $1 bil in '08
  65. Sarkozy wants French pubcasters ad-free
  66. The clouds have parted for cable sector
  67. Digest: Take-Two sees Illusion
  68. 'Takeaway' format headed for China
  69. Major scribes discuss their 2007 favorites
  70. 'Border' bows big for CBC
  71. Writers keep control by directing
  72. NBC.com bows midseason set
  73. Eros, Shankar prep 'Robot'
  74. 'Gladiators' get a second run
  75. LaBeouf, Page up for Rising Star Award
  76. Eminem recovering from pneumonia
  77. Wadsworth exiting EMI post
  78. Microsoft bids for Norwegian search engine
  79. BCS championship game a winner for Fox
  80. Spears' abandoned car towed, impounded
  81. Viacom makes MTV videos available online
  82. British violinist offers recording for free online
  83. Singer Bruni to marry French president Sarkozy
  84. U.S. films dominate French boxoffice
  85. U.K.'s Power plugs into home entertainment
  86. Sony/ATV stops download licensing
  87. Berlusconi mentioned in al-Qaida video
  88. Wagner dons Costume nod
  89. Madonna, Ritchie visit Mumbai slums
  90. Stocks up after home sales report
  91. Academy hopes Oscars' red carpet not shredded
  92. Deluxe takes on Rainmaker
  93. IAC set to spin in second quarter
  94. Crowes, Black Keys, Bun, R.E.M. bound for SXSW
  95. Five join 'Solomon Kane' cast
  96. Sierra sentenced to 1 year in rehab
  97. Blu-ray set for 'explosive' growth in '08
  98. NESN's new game plan: jocks, jokes
  99. Weinstein Co. pages Winslet
  101. Int'l broadcasters adjust in wake of recast Globes<b><br /> </b>
  102. games
  103. Int'l broadcasters adjust in wake of recast Globes
  104. Berlin Fest features 'Debaters'