1. What the Heart Craves
  2. The Silly Age
  3. The Spiderwick Chronicles
  4. Music Reviews
  5. Gardens of the Night
  6. Definitely, Maybe
  7. Le premier venu (Just Anybody)
  8. The Song of Sparrows
  9. Elegy
  10. Sharon
  11. Black Ice
  12. Berlin insiders' guide: From the locals
  13. Zuo You (In Love We Trust)
  14. Megane (Glasses)
  15. United Red Army
  16. WGA Strike in pictures
  17. Dialogue: Fernando Eimbcke
  18. Swinton takes her bow in Berlin
  19. Zenga in director chair for 'Stan Helsing'
  20. Focus gains Momentum for 'Hamlet 2'
  21. Swinton takes her bow in Berlin
  22. U.S. majors building biz, buzz in Germany
  23. Melbourne market extends hand
  24. Sales rich for 'Bank Job,' 'Lemon Tree'
  25. Shooting Star profile: Nicolas Cazale
  26. Cazale in the ring for Perez biopic
  27. MusiCares honors Franklin
  28. Gordy Jr., Jam honored