1. Singing and dancing: It's all about this 'Applause'
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  4. Lipstick Jungle
  5. Concert Reviews
  6. Asterix at Olympic Games
  7. Elections may return Berlusconi to power
  8. Reality agent Camacho leaves CAA
  9. Microsoft to borrow for Yahoo deal
  10. Tribune taps Wilson for broadcast unit
  11. Super ratings for Sunday's big game
  12. 'No Country' tops PGA Awards
  13. WGA, studios frame a deal
  14. It's Official: Bert Fields Is the Center of the Universe
  15. Will Microsoft's Bid for Yahoo Raise Antitrust Issues? Google Thinks So
  16. The WGA Strike: A Pending Deal?
  17. Talent and 'boatloads of luck' propelled this year's director nominees
  18. No shortage of plane pains but too few hugs and kooks
  19. Three embark on 'Death' quest
  20. Trading their hotel for high seas
  21. Hibberd joins THR TV reporting staff
  22. Aussie exhib gets ShoWest nod
  23. AFL-CIO charter for AFTRA despite complaints of SAG
  24. Sly sets two at Nu Image
  25. Anchor Bay nabs rights for 'Walled,' 'Lost'
  26. Santa Barbara winners announced
  27. Film 7 has the right number
  28. Now they're on the same page
  29. 'Country' boys take PGA nod
  30. Cablevision, Popcorn offer instant-gratification DVDs
  31. Spinoff voyage for Zack and Cody
  32. Sly sets two at Nu Image
  33. Spinoff voyage for Zack and Cody
  34. 'Hannah' is top banana
  35. news digest
  36. Cablevision, Popcorn offer instant-gratification DVDs
  37. PGA chief calls out studios, WGA
  38. Light shines on searchers
  39. 'Asterix' shows Gaul, wins o'seas
  40. Ealy rolls 'Seven' for Col
  41. Uni finds Ferrell's 'Lost' friend
  42. Film 7 Ent. has the right number
  43. Five to haunt 'Girlfriends' for New Line
  44. tv reporter
  45. Disney locks its leadership
  46. 'Hannah' is top banana
  47. More indies announce WGA deals
  48. AFTRA granted AFL-CIO charter
  49. 'Asterix' shows Gaul, wins overseas B.O.
  50. Uni Germany taps Willson
  51. 'Soledad' takes top nods at Goyas
  52. Mayerson, Sony team for 'Scoregasm'
  53. Ealy rolls 'Seven' for Col
  54. Five to haunt 'Girlfriends'
  55. Five to haunt 'Girlfriends'
  56. 'Lyrics' launching online game
  57. Frantic launches matte division
  58. 'Dreams' comes true with quartet
  59. Evans upped at NBC
  60. H'wood funds split ticket
  61. Hibberd joins THR
  62. Aussie exhib gets ShoWest nod
  63. Canadians see sellers market
  64. CNN talkin' big after debate
  65. Digest: Clear Channel upgrade; IAC slides