1. Film Review: Never Forever
  2. The Pellicano Trial: Judge Rules Terry Christensen Can't Plug Huffington Post Audiotape Leaks
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  11. Festival de Cannes rolls out 61st poster
  12. SCi Entertainment looks for financing
  13. Amphitheaters open for business in summer
  14. Cannes contenders: Madonna, Maradona
  15. DirecTV Group acquiring 180 Connect
  16. Beach leaving 'Law & Order: SVU'
  17. Japan's music market down in first quarter
  18. UFC makes digital debut on MTS
  19. 'iCarly' star has eye on iPods
  20. 'Sarah Marshall'
  21. Adam Beach leaving 'Law & Order: SVU'
  22. Velvet Revolver using Web to find singer
  23. E Street Band's Danny Federici dies
  24. Ne-Yo experiments on new album
  25. RAI Trade boasts $2.8 mil profit in 2007
  26. 'Fool's Gold'
  27. Santa Monica, April 16
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  30. Street gains as investors weigh Google results
  31. 'Deadliest Catch' caught in fishy editing
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  34. Around the World
  35. Thinking inside the box  
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  37. Wherefore art thou?
  38. Good News, but …
  39. think tank
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  42. Fields off the hook in spy case
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  44. United front: CTV, CanWest
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  46. the rep sheet
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  50. WGAW honor to Mankiewicz
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  52. RZA, Odadjian, Kinetic 9, Burke join forces
  53. If you enjoy LOL, ROFL and :), has the CW go a BFD for you
  54. No place for bitterness
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  60. the pulse
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  62. news digest
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  69. the world digest
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  71. Drama series put Brits atop '08 Banff list
  72. Weiss at No. 1 in BMG remix
  73. For a change, no rewind on home video spending
  74. Freestyle puts its label on 'Shock'
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  77. It's business as 'Unusuals'
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  80. Cannes contenders: Madonna, 'Panda'
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  83. 'Deadliest Catch' caught in fishy editing
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  85. Sides huddle up before Day 4
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  89. '88 Minutes'
  90. Governor's luncheon
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