1. Judge Declines to 'Exterminate' BBC Book on 'Dr. Who' Mutants
  2. You, Me and Us
  3. Desert Dreams
  4. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  5. Pathology
  6. Baby Mama
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  8. China film biz leaps forward
  9. 'Bad Mother,' 'Crusoe' get leads
  10. Hells Angels founder sues HBO
  11. Jesse L. Martin heads back to Broadway
  12. 'Terminator' sequel eyes lead
  13. Bai Ling joins 'Crank' sequel
  14. 'Horton' hears summer coming
  15. Dean Cain, Teri Polo fall for 'Lies'
  16. Eileen Atkins wins BAFTA for 'Cranford'
  17. Joint venture enters pay TV, VOD space
  18. 'Biggest Loser' trainer set for Web series
  19. Columbia buys Woolverton spec
  20. Filmaka calls global auteurs
  21. HBO acquires films from Disney
  22. J.K. Rowling special set at '20/20'
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  24. RPRS Media taps former CAA agent
  25. 'Forbidden Kingdom' rules boxoffice
  26. Jeff Berman upped at MySpace
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  28. Source won't be revealed in Pellicano trial
  29. Nu Image sets up La. studio
  30. NBC unveils eco-friendly satellite truck
  31. Car used in Bond movie plunges into lake
  32. 'Forbidden Kingdom' rules boxoffice