1. Billboard, Fluid develop music competition
  2. Jeffrey Bell is 'Harper's' showrunner
  3. Fanny Ardant to make her directing debut
  4. Rob Estes, Katee Sackhoff join series
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  14. 40x15
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  20. Versailles
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  24. Dauman having 'good conversations'
  25. K-Fed attorney: Intense coverage a plus
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  27. 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull': Film Review
  28. AFTRA, producers head back to table
  29. L.A. Screenings grab buyers
  30. John Landgraf re-ups wih FX
  31. Microsoft eyes alternative Yahoo deal
  32. Jose Padilha to direct Warner Bros. thriller
  33. 'Iron Man' beats 'Narnia' overseas
  34. Creative Emmys save the world
  35. Deadline passes on EA's Take-Two bid
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  37. Student Oscar winners chosen
  38. Shares of software firms down
  39. Senator's Comeback kids
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  45. 'Prince Caspian' misses expectations
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  48. Ben Barnes to shine as Dorian Gray
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  58. Fishburne, Weinstein bring 'Alchemist' to life
  59. Fishburne, Weinstein bring 'Alchemist' to life