1. Tom Cruise wakes up 'Sleeper'
  2. Cast is consumed by 'Maneater'
  3. 'Knight Rider' meets NASCAR for promo
  4. Ken Creative expands in India
  5. More paydays for 'Office' worker
  6. Endeavor hosts blood drive for Hyler
  7. CW: Media won't get '90210' screeners
  8. Barry Jossen top creative at ABC Studios
  9. SAG, AFTRA together for ad contracts
  10. Dem convention awash with Hollywood
  11. New 'Julius' for Mandalay
  12. WB, Fox tussle over 'Watchmen' rights
  13. Jennifer Bresnan named CBS senior vp
  14. Film Review: Feast of Villains
  15. Trading places: 'Dark Knight' swaps No. 1s
  16. From adversaries to ad sales partners
  17. GM pulls out of Emmy, Oscar ceremonies
  18. Ticking Clocks and Broken Toys Keep Paul Simon and George Lucas Up At Night
  19. BSkyB launching SkyArts2
  20. Commentary: UA's grand design is unraveling under Tom Cruise
  21. TV Writers Force WGA To Hand Over Data For Class Action
  22. EA and Take-Two play nice
  23. Granada reorganizes management team
  24. Writers get data for ageism lawsuit
  25. McCain camp denies town hall tinkering
  26. Aronsson to lead Sweden's TV3, TV6
  27. Rogers gets OK for Baseball TV
  28. Wendy Williams going national
  29. Toronto fest taps symposium headliners
  30. Review: Gemini Division
  31. CanWest takes productions in-house
  32. Wilco looking to have next album out by 2009
  33. Court rules Phil Spector retrial can proceed
  34. 'Now! 70' biggest iTunes seller in U.K.
  35. AC/DC's 'Ice' to be Wal-Mart exclusive
  36. Virgin sues 30 Seconds to Mars
  37. NBC not as splashy without Phelps races
  38. David Katz to head up SportsFanLive.com
  39. Laurence Fishburne joining 'CSI'
  40. NBC isn't as splashy without Phelps races
  41. Joan Hyler critically injured after car hits her
  42. UTV Interactive acquires True Games
  43. Venice festival to fete Youssef Chahine
  44. Celluloid Dreams grabs Venice titles
  45. New film studio planned for Russia
  46. Amedia eyes first 3-D animated release
  47. IPTV shows steady European gains
  48. Natalee Holloway case set for film
  49. Olympics boost H.K. primetime TV
  50. China's Liu Xiang withdraws from Olympics
  51. CBS Par TV thinks Liberman's perfect for this casting role
  54. N.Y. board turns up heat on SAG brass
  55. Peacock says it's on track
  57. Master P TV tuning up for '09
  59. 'Knight' falls
  60. Vacated Potter date now 'Twilight' time
  61. 'Dark Knight' tops overseas with $42 mil
  62. Exec brought Southern soul to Atlantic
  63. Dowling sees the big picture with 3-D event
  64. Locarno finds 'Via'
  65. Bites to the finish at Food
  66. Two get hands on 'Goosebumps'
  67. Variance bent on big screen
  68. Digital guru joins Lowry
  69. Alcon Ent. cages 'Cryptozoo Crew'
  70. Marketing president Rich steps down at Paramount
  71. After Joker, a riddle
  72. Poof! Pair to rewrite 'Magician'
  73. Michael Phelps' success has a ripple effect
  74. China film distributor Poly Bona to get funds
  75. Phelps still no household name in China