1. Legend Films closes on $5 mil stock offering
  2. 'Roc' rolls to Canadian pay nets
  3. Imagi International announces stock sale
  4. Score scores another MMA show
  5. Media group to create digital 'ecosystem'
  6. Diane Ruggiero departs 'The Ex List'
  7. Networks rushing to cover Hurricane Ike
  8. Update: Obama cancels 'SNL' cameo
  9. DVD Review: The Kingdom
  10. 'Righteous Kill'
  11. 'Coco Chanel'
  12. AMPTP inks deal with casting directors
  13. Toronto Int'l Film Fest
  14. U.K. retailers jump the gun on Metallica sales
  15. 'The Duchess'
  16. ABC News soars with Palin interviews
  17. New Taylor Swift album due in November
  18. Magazine reunites for two U.K. shows
  19. The Who puts covers album on hold
  20. V Festival mapped out in South Africa
  21. Bob Mould inks deal for autobiography
  22. Harper criticized over stance on funding
  23. 'Eldorado' is Belgium's Oscar contender
  24. Snoop Dogg granted Australian visa
  25. 'Talk Back' host George Putnam dies
  26. IFC Films picks up third Toronto title
  27. Kelis cleared of charges from 2007 incident
  28. Jamie Lynn Spears decoy fools paparazzi
  29. BSkyB still awaiting green light for Picnic
  30. Russia reveals more film fund detail
  31. San Remo Music Festival remains at RAI
  32. Cartoon Movie forum packs bags for Lyon
  33. Two local films pass million mark in Germany
  34. ABC News soars with first Palin interviews
  35. 'Kitchen Nightmares' no disaster for Fox
  36. 'Indian Idol 4' to bow on SET next week
  37. Two Indian TV channels give Big Bang scare
  38. Three men stare at 'Goats'
  39. Candidates hike ratings
  42. Foxworthy makes the syndie grade
  43. NBC's star is 'Found'
  44. This weekend, it's 'Kill' or be killed
  46. FearNet has ticket for VOD 'Meat Train'
  47. Uni raises the roof for its 'House' star
  48. Grasso expected at OWN
  49. 3-D's coming, and the IBC is out front
  50. 'No carnage' in Q4 TV ads
  51. Live Nation is ticket-taking
  52. Hudlin out at BET
  53. Caletti's girls go to movies
  54. Breakouts, fakeouts and Rourke's revival
  55. Midweek dip for Fox
  56. GOOD takes on a tale of racism
  57. Five game for comedy 'Faire'
  58. Fox prepared for 'Doomsday'
  59. Uni gets in on the chase
  60. Relativity says aye, 'Claudius'
  61. 3-D's coming, and the IBC is out front