1. Entertainment One starts credit facility
  2. Nicole Kidman to star in 'Wonder'
  3. Fox tackles contemporary 'Dwarfs'
  4. Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego to direct 'Ghost'
  5. Eden Lake
  6. Chase Ellison cast in 'Tooth Fairy'
  7. Zach Galifianakis set for two projects
  8. Rian Johnson's future target: 'Looper'
  9. Nick picks up two animated series
  10. Hollywood nods tout '08 breakthroughs
  11. Vacation recap: Silverman, '24,' 'SNL,' '90210'
  12. Q&A: Charlie Collier
  13. Metallica's 'Death' nears half-million mark
  14. Q&A: Charlie Collier
  15. Financial meltdown may affect ad buys
  16. 'Mother' cleared for off-net syndication
  17. 'Shrek' works out kinks before B'way
  18. John Schulman to retire from Warner Bros.
  19. L.A. restaurant, travel critic Elmer Dills dies
  20. Future of Euro d-cinema hinges on 3-D
  21. Commentary: Two Wayne Wang films are better than one
  22. 'Gossip Girl,' 'One Tree Hill' propel CW
  23. Commentary: Spanish-language media stocks hit hard
  24. Glossy finishes for 'Closer,' 'Weeds'
  25. Ted Leo unveils benefit EP prompted by RNC
  26. Amy Poehler sets date to exit 'SNL'
  27. Humanitas Prize luncheon
  28. Guests wrapped up for 'Colbert Christmas'
  29. Cowboys-Eagles game sets record
  30. Concert Review: Brian Wilson
  31. Lily Allen sets date for sophomore album
  32. Stuntwoman Alice Van-Springsteen dies
  33. ESPN game draws biggest cable audience ever
  34. L.A. Times Staffers Suing Management For Control Of Paper
  35. Lance Still appointed at Weinstein
  36. TNT renews 'Raising the Bar,' 'Grace'
  37. 'Pranzo' sees brisk post-festival sales
  38. Dalai Lama cancels Rome Film Festival trip
  39. Here! Films picks up 'I Can't Think Straight'
  40. Hockey league launching its own channel
  41. Jim Sherry takes top post at Maple Pictures
  42. Global shake-up at Warner Music Group
  43. Tom Arnold Celebrity Roast
  44. Film Review: Igor
  45. 'Gossip,' 'Tree' give CW best Monday ever
  46. Imdb.com to offer free film, TV viewing
  47. Pinewood Shepperton reduces development
  48. MGM expands cable reach in India
  49. Foreign-language Oscar contenders pour in
  50. Russia sells first cartoon series to U.S.
  51. Montreal fest to honor John Boorman
  52. Turbulent market hits Asian media stocks
  53. Turbulent market hits Asian media stocks
  54. ACTRA will poll members about strike
  55. Barbra Streisand tops Obama fundraiser
  56. Oliver Stone to head Tisch Asia school
  57. Pusan fest to have greater Euro accent
  58. Pusan fest to have greater Euro accent
  59. Gunther Picker named GM of SPTI Germany
  60. CW has best Monday ever; Fox's dramas decline
  61. BBC Worldwide takes stake in Baby Cow
  62. Vadim Ivanov upped at UPI Russia
  63. 'Baader Meinhof Komplex' in Oscar race
  64. It's a triple feature for First Line, Bass
  65. TAKE TWO
  66. EU sets up Parliament platform
  67. SPC makes its move for 'Step'
  68. Beat goes on for 'Mamma Mia!'
  69. Sci Fi's 'Corn' cobbles together its cast
  70. He's still ready for primetime
  71. Reality trumps escapism
  72. Rome says absence of 'W.' isn't political
  73. 'Town' big enough for Affleck
  74. Bank shots leave films behind 8-ball
  75. EC looks to upgrade '96 tech-goods agreement
  76. Best Buy music to Napster's ears
  77. Lyne takes e-commerce Gilt trip
  78. IBC agog over TV demo
  79. Hot 'Coco' at Lifetime; USA finales are solid
  80. TV CLIPS
  81. CLIPS
  83. 'Season' trio plays pick and role
  84. Scribes pencil in Fox 2000 comedy
  85. Crash course