1. Astro Boy -- Film Review
  2. Duo deals with 'Trust' issues
  3. Starz's 'Gravity' pulls down four
  4. Duo launching digital publishing company
  5. 'Speed Boyz' swerves toward Alcon
  6. Luke Rhinehart novels bound for big screen
  7. ABC gives series order to 'The Gates'
  8. Dancers, singers on CW's development slate
  9. Summit shows 'Love' for bromance pitch
  10. Fox Reality Channel shutting down
  11. Paramount DVD release dates angers exhibs
  12. Jon Stewart getting key to Bellingham
  13. ABC orders new crime series 'The Gates'
  14. 'Fabric of Life' revived in 3D
  15. Mass Hysteria hires Brent Friedman
  16. Showtime greenlights 'Shameless' pilot
  17. Avril Lavigne files for divorce
  18. Stephen Gately funeral set for Saturday
  19. Margaret Mead festival has 'History'
  20. Putin wants song contest with allies
  21. Megan Fox to model Armani underwear
  22. ASCAP honors Paul McCartney, Coldplay
  23. Depeche Mode singer thanks wrong country
  24. Tyson, Holyfield to meet on 'Oprah'
  25. Steve Hasker joins Nielsen
  26. Fox scales back 'Past Life' order
  27. Local production drops 14% in Q3
  28. Cable upfront down 12%
  29. Jackson's mom says no kids in reality show
  30. Canwest testifies it'll repay loans by Jan.
  31. Will Oscar voters fall under the spell of 'An Education'?
  32. Disney's 'Snow White' earns top sales spot
  33. ITV's Grade criticizes media coverage
  34. Vivendi mum on NBC Uni stake
  35. AFM sets conferences, seminars
  36. 'Fantastic' opening to London film fest
  37. Britney Spears' '3' debuts at No. 1
  38. Int'l Press Academy to honor Michael York
  39. Hollywood festival to honor Hilary Swank
  40. Disney picks up 'What's He Got?'
  41. I Am in Trouble! -- Film Review
  42. The Executioners -- Film Review
  43. Parker, Dillahunt reteam for 'Sherman'
  44. 'Cleveland' gets extended Season 2
  45. 'Presunto Cupable' has reach beyond theaters
  46. Fox reduces 'Past Life' order
  47. Leona Lewis assaulted at in-store
  48. 'Captain' Lou Albano dies
  49. Be My Guest -- Film Review
  50. Moscow -- Film Review
  51. Nightmare Elevator -- Film Review
  52. Shazam surpasses 50 mil users
  53. CBS Studios sets up Munich sales office
  54. 'Hellraiser' box set wins top Reaper Award
  55. Mandy Patinkin 'Three Rivers' role hits home
  56. Michael Buble tops Billboard 200
  57. Barney, Bob the Builder head to theaters
  58. 'Cleveland Show' gets extended Season 2
  59. 'Reel Injun' to open Canadian indigenous fest
  60. Chaw -- Film Review
  61. Canadian viewers still unsure about VOD
  62. Dead Slow -- Film Review
  63. Rome Film Fest ready for business
  64. Doors doc to get U.K. release
  65. Pinewood to open world's largest drive-in
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  67. 'Fantastic Mr. Fox': Film Review
  68. WWE vs. wine school; trademark smackdown!
  69. Hollywood Docket: The lawyers behind Bloomberg's BusinessWeek purchase
  70. ABC lands Matthew Perry project
  71. Connick says he was right to denounce skit
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  73. Bravo develops 'Thintervention with Jackie Warner'
  74. Afghan director: Insurgency threatens cinema
  75. ScreenWest produces 2009 record
  76. 'Decadent Sisters' takes PPP prize
  77. Redstone's NA to sell more Viacom, CBS stock
  78. 'Hell's Kitchen' finale gives Tuesday to Fox
  79. Huayi to launch $176 mil IPO Thursday
  80. Golden Rooster fest opens in central China