1. 'Jersey Shore' faces more opposition
  2. Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins split up
  3. Susan Boyle continues chart reign
  4. Maffei to remain at Liberty
  5. Disney eyes Facebook exec
  6. Fox to order more 'American Idol'
  7. Jennifer Aniston joins Globe presenters list
  8. Curtis Jackson, Kilmer, Whitfield set for 'Gun'
  9. Johnny Hallyday released from hospital
  10. Documentary chronicles Conrad Murray
  11. Balloon boy's parents sentenced to jail
  12. Fox to order more 'Idol' -- with or without Cowell
  13. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in rehab
  14. Oxygen's 'Bad Girls Club' sets record
  15. BBC iPlayer celebrates second anniversary
  16. And the most-pirated film of 2009 is....
  17. Comcast extends Steve Burke contract
  18. Khan not recognized everywhere
  19. CBS repeats lead Tuesday
  20. James Cameron: Allow more imports
  21. HMV to buy MAMA for $73.4 million