1. ABC reunites with Stephen Gaghan
  2. The people in Larry Flynt's family vs. Larry Flynt
  3. Univision-Televisa getting all hot and steamy
  4. Venable Snags Mitchell Silberberg IP Partner
  5. Downhill racer at Sundance
  6. Nat'l Geo serving 'Hard Time'
  7. WB asks for 'Watchmen' call sooner
  8. 'Knight' scores in CAS noms
  9. Microsoft sees lucrative 'Halo' effect in '09
  10. Oscar Watch: Foreign language
  11. The Lion's Den (Argentina)
  12. Jerusalema (South Africa)
  13. The Color of Fame (Venezuela)
  14. Departures (Japan)
  15. Mark Kimball tapped for AMPAS honor
  16. Tony Manero (Chile)
  17. Mermaid (Russia)
  18. Rich Freeman cracks Code
  19. Discovery's new slate: infomercial series, 'Deadliest Catch' movie, survival series among seven projects
  20. Nat Geo to serve 'Hard Time'
  21. A positive spin to the slump of DVD
  22. 'New Moon' for Taylor Lautner
  23. Santa Barbara tells 'Truth'
  24. Minutemen of 'Watchmen' featured in video
  25. Film Review: Secrets of State
  26. TiVo has a license to license
  27. A shot in the arm for ABC
  28. Film Review: Idiots and Angels
  29. Chris Matthews won't make Senate run
  30. Film Review: A Necessary Death
  31. Fox's Vinciquerra optimistic on 'Idol' changes
  32. Commentary: In a town of farmhouses and ice rinks, filmmaking becomes a cottage industry
  33. Commentary: Lithuania's star turn helped 'Defiance' get the details right
  34. Howie Do It -- TV Review
  35. Alan Perris staying on at ATAS
  36. Obama mum on Dick Parsons for cabinet
  37. Lauren Gellert joins RDF USA as senior vp
  38. Kat DeLuna signs with Universal Motown
  39. 'Eagle Eye' flying high on DVD
  40. Layoffs in U.S. up 59% from 2007
  41. 3 Ball takes chance on lottery game show
  42. Bruce Springsteen to play inaugural event
  43. Huge charge stings TW
  44. TCA press tour blogging starts tomorrow
  45. Mickey Rourke circles 'Iron Man 2'
  46. 24 -- TV Review
  47. Film Review:  The New Year Parade
  48. Cookie Jar deal crumbling for lack of dough
  49. Film Review: Give Me Your Hand
  50. Film Review: Dream
  51. Film Review: The Wedding Song
  52. Film Review: A Week Alone
  53. MPAA ratings: Jan. 7, 2009
  54. ReelzChannel pulling up stakes
  55. Paramount extends Brad Grey contract
  56. 'Nip/Tuck' premiere a cut above
  57. WGA unveils screenplay noms
  58. TNT picks up 'Line' and 'Time Heals'
  59. Jennifer Garner welcomes second daughter
  60. Music patron Betty Freeman dies
  61. Jay-Z to perform on eve of inauguration
  62. Warner Music France ditches DRM
  63. 'My Winnipeg' wins Toronto critics award
  64. TNT picks up 'Line' and 'Time Heals'
  65. 'Secret Life of Bees' tops Image noms
  66. Roger Deakins grabs two ASC noms
  67. Reaper
  68. Phish reunion tour taking shape
  69. Norwegian broadcaster axes Beatles program
  70. Commentary: 'Mystery' leaps from Web to Sundance
  71. Taylor Swift perched at top of Billboard 200
  72. Chinese Internet operators apologize
  73. First trailer for 'Reaper' season two
  74. ABC cuts back in Iraq, relies more on BBC
  75. Mike Leigh not so 'Lucky' at BAFTAs
  76. Berlinale unveils first Panorama titles
  77. Rotterdam announces 14 competition titles
  78. 'Scrubs' opens solid; 'Loser' and 'Mentalist' hit highs
  79. Time Warner sees operating loss for 2008
  80. ABC's 'Bachelor' and 'Beauty' premiere strong
  81. U.K. video game sales hit all-time high
  82. Double Dutch for Berlinale Forum
  83. German digital hardware sales record
  84. Foreign-language BAFTA nominations revealed
  85. ABC has 'Middle' man for Heaton in comedy
  86. A&E puts a collar on 'Paranormal Cops' series
  87. Oscar makeup race mixes it up
  88. You heard it here first: This is the year of Antonia Stark and even more Leno
  89. '13 — Fear Is Real'
  90. television
  91. Uni Studios takes Gamble as exec vp
  92. CBS-TWC deal switched on
  93. Sundance advance: SPC circles 'Rudo'
  94. Oscar's VFX shortlist
  95. ABC punctuates Grammer
  96. 'Giant Killer' big step for New Line, helmer
  97. HBO first to the inauguration
  98. CBS writes 'Rules' for March return
  99. ATI fills MyNetTV pipeline
  100. Some core changes for Apple's iTunes
  101. Catmull lines up Sawyer honor
  102. 'Iron Man' an original for Scripter
  103. SPT elevates comedy, drama heads to exec vps
  104. 'Police' report: NBC, Wells close
  106. Fresh face will topline 'Tron' redo
  107. Bollywood aims parting shot at Bush