1. HBO renews 'Life & Times of Tim'
  2. Polanski move to disqualify courts denied
  3. Michael C. Hall marries TV sister
  4. DGA announces doc, TV, commercial noms
  5. Sean Hannity prepares to fly solo on Fox
  6. Will Ferrell promises surprises in Bush special
  7. Germany's Musicload embraces MP3
  8. Prince rebuffed in Italian plagiarism case
  9. Studios reach out to police in anti-piracy effort
  10. IFC grabs rights to 'Necessities of Life'
  11. Shanghai Disney theme park in the works
  12. Art Directors Guild unveils nominees
  13. HBO's martyred Ted Haggard
  14. Ryan O'Neal pleads guilty to drug charge
  15. Bono to write column for New York Times
  16. Greater movie storage for phones in works
  17. Diddy, Sting among Globes presenters
  18. Fox orders more ' 'Til Death'
  19. Flo Rida gets 'Round' to second album
  20. Reports: Jermaine Dupri exits Island
  21. Video: 'How I Met Your Mother' meets 'The Hills'
  22. Kelly Clarkson names new album
  23. 'Watchmen' talks productive, lawyers say
  24. Premiere details new share issue
  25. Pemberton festival taking hiatus in 2009
  26. Berlin's Talent Campus recruits its coaches
  27. Watchmen Watch: Read Larry Gordon's Attorneys' letter to the court
  28. 'Sopranos' actor sentenced to 10 years
  29. Patrick Swayze hospitalized
  30. A moment with RuPaul
  31. Demetri Martin scores at TCA
  32. Exclusive Video: The Actresses
  33. 'Private Practice' improves after 'Grey's,' tops 'ER'
  34. WatchmenWatch: Status conference postponed; settlement near?
  35. Globes back in a partying mood
  36. Write-downs on upswing
  37. 'Dark Knight' shines bright at DEG awards
  38. Zahn on the line for Investigation Discovery
  39. Showbiz and gizmos — unite!
  40. Helmer works for 'Minimum Wage'
  41. 'Torino': Go ahead, make my payday
  42. ADG cooks up Cranston to host awards show
  43. Academy decrees latest Sci-Tech honors
  44. 'Not Easily Broken'
  45. 'The Unborn'
  46. 'Bride Wars'
  47. Telecom panel change
  48. Court OK for ageism settlement
  49. City of Light production shines brighter in '08
  50. These wags like 'Slumdog'
  51. E! sweet on new 'Candy' docusoap
  53. Heat of the 'Knight'
  54. Digital date is in transition
  55. More 'ER' drama; 'Police' deployed
  56. 'Mother' cast makes more gravy
  57. Is a Gehrig on Globes bench?
  58. Gordon has say on 'Watchmen'
  59. Kristin Scott Thomas headed for 'Nowhere'
  60. Oz '08 b.o. proves recession-proof