1. Elderly woman learns calling Paris Hilton 'ugly' has consequences
  2. Priyanka Chopra to receive Nielsen nod
  3. Catherine Hardwicke eyes 'Maximum Ride'
  4. Karl Urban, Adriana Barraza join 'Darkness'
  5. Warners Int'l cuts back on MIPTV presence
  6. 'Last House' star Sara Paxton inks with UTA
  7. 'Heroes,' 'Smallville' alums land pilots
  8. B.D. Fox getting into distrib'n biz
  9. Wallace and Gromit short wins fest nod
  10. H'wood film fest adding comedy section
  11. Best Buy teaming with Film Independent
  12. Sony Pics Home Ent taps Meade for lead China sales
  13. Commentary: Memo to film festivals everywhere: Change or risk rolling up the red carpet
  14. 'Top Model' hopefuls getting second chance
  15. Image president David Borshell exits post
  16. 'Bruno,' 'Hell' test waters at SXSW
  17. Par sets 'Diamond' with J.J. Abrams
  18. 'Transformers 3' sets release date
  19. Henry Rollins joins FX's 'Sons of Anarchy'
  20. Dennis Quaid tapped for ShoWest honor
  21. 'Movie Stars' miniseries set for TCM
  22. Nick, Mattel respond to Dora debacle
  23. Heath Ledger music videos on the way
  24. Disney Interactive exec keynotes MIPTV
  25. Viewers ridicule Sci Fi's name change
  26. Van der Laan joins film, TV academy
  27. BBC journalists threaten to strike
  28. 'Nowhere Boy' finds home at Weinstein Co.
  29. Duplicity -- Film Review
  30. Bavaria Filmverleih books 'Lola' pics
  31. Guignols celebrate 20 years with special
  32. CBC criticized for amount of American TV
  33. Andy Samberg hosting MTV Movie Awards
  34. Litigious 'Star Trek' writer: 'It ain't about the principle, friend, it's about the MONEY! Pay me!'
  35. Ireland tax incentives paying off
  36. Germany's Saturn switches to MP3 format
  37. AEG will self-insure Michael Jackson shows
  38. 'The Greatest' picked up by Senator
  39. Barack Obama appearing on Leno
  40. Warners moves up 'Traveler's'
  41. David Chase sets HBO miniseries
  42. No California love for Morgan Creek in Tupac litigation
  43. Sound Relief concerts raise $3.3 mil
  44. SPHE president says industry is strong
  45. Nelly Furtado starts indie label
  46. Nadir Mohammed eyed as new Rogers chief
  47. Charter Communications reports wider Q4 loss
  48. Kliavkoff takes digital job at Hearst
  49. Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson set for Rothbury
  50. TVNZ trims budget, work force
  51. RomaFictionFest sets dates for third edition
  52. 'Pandemic' cuts plague Japanese film
  53. U.S. filmmakers join Cinefondation program
  54. Telemundo, Endemol shake up novela biz
  55. Sci Fi getting new name, logo, tagline
  56. 'Blithe Spirit'
  57. Lady GaGa
  58. 'I Love You, Man'
  59. 'Marley' knocks off 'Watchmen' o'seas
  60. Actor and political activist
  61. Lola noms laud 'Rabe,' Buscemi
  62. Spike up on 'Mountain'
  63. Chase and Dreyfuss on the pilot runway
  64. Peacock will preen weeks before rivals
  65. 'Love' premiere highlights SXSW's kickoff
  66. Four more catch some 'Airbender'
  67. Tupac clan rips Morgan Creek
  68. 'Witch' whacks 'Watch'
  69. For the movie biz, it's just plain cold in Russia
  70. A novela idea in format game
  72. SAG plays politics with peace
  73. Group finds buoyant Iranian film biz
  74. Lacrosse film ready to stick it to Hollywood
  75. Dis, Gunn will make 'Nice' for family fun
  76. New Line jury-rigs 'MacGyver'
  77. NBC's 'Kings' dethroned in ratings
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  79. Sci Fi changing its name, logo, tagline