1. 'American Idol' heads to iPhone
  2. Leighton Meester gets 'Roommate'
  3. Matt Barr joins 'Gossip Girl' spinoff
  4. 'Deception' helmer developing 'Mile Zero'
  5. Quintet moves into 'Cabin' film
  6. Quartet of CBS pilots flesh out casts
  7. Trio join Ridley Scott's Robin Hood film
  8. Columbia wedded to 'Reliable Wife'
  9. Newport film fest to spotlight MoMA series
  10. 'Captain Coulier' tops comedy shorts fest nods
  11. Commentary: Will our 'Heroes' escape Dr. Tailspin's evil clutches? Set an end date and find out
  12. Rebecca Romijn casts spell in 'Eastwick'
  13. CBS Films taps Charlie Davis
  14. Report predicts three down years for ad biz
  15. Corey Feldman, Ed Asner follow 'Broken Road'
  16. 'Sicko' kicks off AMPAS docu screenings
  17. Fortis commits funding for XDC deal
  18. QVC gives Girl Scouts 25,000 'Women' DVDs
  19. Oscilloscope lands 'Burma VJ' distrib'n rights
  20. MPAA symposium set for April in D.C.
  21. AMPAS names Academy Film Scholars
  22. First Run heads to 'Lodge'
  23. 'Lullaby' finds two stars
  24. Irish theater chain adding 3-D capabilities
  25. Humane Society to honor 'Top Model' judge
  26. Disney outlines plan for carbon reduction
  27. SoapNet going on 'Holidate' with reality special
  28. Michael J. Fox travels world for ABC special
  29. N.Y. film, TV industry making tax credit appeal
  30. ShoWest to honor marketing exec Ted Hatfield
  31. Why 'Heroes' should set an end date
  32. Theater Review: Dancing at Lughnasa
  33. Theater Review: 33 Variations
  34. Film Review: Sherman's Way
  35. 'Breaking' good news; 'Dollhouse' DVR
  36. Pellicano programmer sentenced
  37. YouTube-based Muziic hits the Web
  38. Metropolitan Opera's Schuyler Chapin dies
  39. Music videos pulled from YouTube in U.K.
  40. New Republic sold to former owner
  41. Obama pays tribute to Christopher Reeve
  42. Country star Hank Locklin dies
  43. Canada rejects cutback on U.S. series buys
  44. Screenwriter Tullio Pinelli dies at 100
  45. 'Watchmen' Watch: Tallying the opening weekend grosses/damages
  46. Channel 4 execs offer to take pay cuts
  47. Three click for indie 'Bang Bang Club'
  48. Michael J. Fox returns to ABC
  49. Ad buyers want flexibility at upfronts
  50. Social networking more popular than e-mail
  51. Times releasing Noel Gallagher songs
  52. Sound Relief Melbourne show breaks record
  53. U2 reveals stadium tour dates
  54. Amy Winehouse off Coachella lineup
  55. Revolver takes aim with 'Star Wreck'
  56. Christian Colson launches Cloud Nine Films
  57. Tribeca announces competition lineup
  58. Baseball a hit in Japan
  59. 'Apprentice' stumbles; 'Housewives' matches low
  60. Slate, Potboiler team for features
  61. BBC, BFI join forces for digital archiving
  62. Arts Alliance, Yelmo further digital deal
  63. reviews
  64. U2 sets event 'Horizon'
  65. Penry-Jones on case for ABC
  66. Nonprofit IFP promotes director duo
  67. Busy Wilson puts Endeavor on case
  68. Duo knock on 'Death's' door
  69. 'Watchmen' rules o'seas
  70. 'Stitching'
  71. Brouhaha brews in world of advertising
  72. Pair part of HBO's cure for 'Maladys'
  73. Freimann steps inside Circle
  74. 'Castle'
  75. Saban name up in lights on Wilshire
  76. WMA vet Shumway giving legal notice
  77. Simpson is 'Melrose' belle
  79. Roberts finds comedy 'Christ'
  80. Fallon tops first week; U2 doesn't boost Letterman