1. Zima joins 'Heroes' for recurring role
  2. 'Dexter,' 'Hung' add cast
  3. USA moving toward 'Covert' pilot order
  4. IFC films find DVD home at MPI
  5. Fox Searchlight preps 'Kidnap'
  6. Writer-director tapped for 'Houdini'
  7. 'Valley Girl' redux set
  8. Ex-WMA agents find new homes
  9. Graham tops N.Y. AFTRA local
  10. TiVo infringement costs EchoStar big
  11. Cher sues UMG over royalties
  12. MTV Bruno stunt staged, writer says
  13. Sony ready, set for PSP Go
  14. Feeling the buzz before 'Hangover'
  15. Brian Grazer on board for 'Stretch'
  16. Hirsch, Hardwicke booked for 'Hamlet'
  17. Motamedi promoted at Getty
  18. News Corp. digital exec supports paid content
  19. Nicholson eyes Brooks comedy
  20. Bill O'Reilly in hot seat after Kan. murder
  21. Kurt Wimmer to pen 'Total Recall' update
  22. Sony unveils motion controller at E3
  23. Paul Haggis back at Lionsgate
  24. States give H'wood a fortune in tax breaks
  25. 'Maneater' chews up ratings
  26. U.K. indie TV revenue soars
  27. Canadian crowd angry after Nas no-show
  28. Philippines ensnared in sex scandal
  29. Jesse James sets Spike ratings record
  30. City of Life and Death: Film Review
  31. Cynthia Nixon lobbies for same-sex marriage
  32. Imax unveils IPO of 9.8 mil shares
  33. CTV picks up 'Vampire Diaries'
  34. Two COOs upped at Fox Searchlight
  35. Cher, Sonny Bono heirs sue Universal Music for $5 million
  36. Q&A: Christina Jennings
  37. Newly renovated Hawaiian luxury resorts
  38. Obituaries for June 2, 2009
  39. Four docs unspooling at the Maui Film Festival
  40. No bull: Campbell Brown returns to fourth place
  41. Susan Boyle's brother speaks out
  42. Spencer Pratt making foray into rap
  43. Big Kahuna tax credit remains intact
  44. Jeunet tapped for Deauville
  45. 'Jay Leno Show' to bow Sept. 14
  46. Made in Hawaii
  47. Nintendo sells more than 15 mil Wii Fit units
  48. Lionsgate projects profitable 2010
  49. TNT scores with NBA playoffs
  50. Cinamour CEO Glen Hartford dies
  51. China blocks Twitter, Hotmail
  52. Can J.D. Salinger stop a 'Catcher In the Rye' sequel?
  53. Jesse James sets Spike TV ratings record
  54. 'Dirty Jobs' spawns apparel, tools
  55. Treatment of Susan Boyle might be probed
  56. NBC Uni tunes into 'CTRL Z'
  57. Madonna to play Israel
  58. Martine Marignac to get Locarno award
  59. 'Demetri Martin' renewed for second season
  60. Michael Nyman music available to filmmakers
  61. Models, soccer, 'Star Trek' boost ProSieben
  62. Comedy Central renews Demetri Martin
  63. China boxoffice keeps climbing
  64. NBC's 'I'm a Celebrity' debut tops 'Bachelorette'
  65. TV host under fire over gun
  66. Conan O'Brien's 'Tonight Show' debut scores highest Monday in four years
  67. Japan, Australia play ball with MLB
  68. Niels Swinkels upped at UPI
  69. Paolo Ferrari honored in Italy
  70. 'Rookies' swings for weekend fences
  71. Top WMA scripted TV agent joins ICM