1. NBC back in business with David Zabel
  2. TBS brings more 'Payne'
  3. Silverman: Upfront not as bad as it seems
  4. Danny Huston joins Kevorkian biopic
  5. Shows add cast at ABC, CBS
  6. Len Wiseman to develop 'Shrapnel'
  7. ESPN bans N.Y. Post reporters
  8. Disney to charge for content online
  9. FIC, Fireworks ink distribution deal
  10. Sam Raimi takes on 'World of Warcraft'
  11. FCC revisiting children's TV law
  12. Big drop in L.A. production days
  13. Amazon buys Zappos for $850 mil
  14. Chart fans revel in Billboard.com relaunch
  15. 'Haunting' looms atop sales charts
  16. 'Tudors' recruits Joely Richardson
  17. Dennis Franz sues over chandelier mishap
  18. John Oates' mustache lives via animation
  19. Mike Fleiss' Next step is filmmaking
  20. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bash lines up acts
  21. Orphan -- Film Review
  22. Canwest shuts down two E! stations
  23. TV Azteca posts 5% drop in net income
  24. California Company Town -- Film Review
  25. Reality show winner sues to claim prize
  26. RealNetworks issues Q2 outlook
  27. Radical lawsuit hits comic book powerhouse
  28. 'The Hunted' tracks down director
  29. ABC schedules 'Crash Course'
  30. Kevin Forester promoted at Myriad
  31. Industry insiders talk Comic-Con
  32. Baaba Maal returns to 'Television'
  33. Whitney Houston brings album to New York
  34. MTV Latin America starts online sales division
  35. Music idols to play Hall of Fame concerts
  36. The Best Is Yet to Come: The Music of Cy Coleman -- Theater Review
  37. Leonard Cohen set to tour U.S.
  38. Stan Lee: Iron Man
  39. Kings of Leon goes platinum
  40. Daughtry tops Billboard 200
  41. DirecTV enlists search firm for new CEO
  42. Physical record sales down in Japan
  43. Not so hot
  44. Michael Jackson doctor's clinic raided
  45. China vows to clean up online games
  46. Alan Sugar remains at U.K.'s 'Apprentice'
  47. Gabriele Muccino on Rome jury duty
  48. UKTV sells 'Ty's Great British Adventure'
  49. Nine Setanta slots on BSkyB up for grabs
  50. Ireland's film future could be horror show
  51. The CW's hot new 'Melrose Place' art
  52. Countersuit filed over 'Brutal Legend'
  53. MPAA ratings: July 22, 2009
  54. 'Melrose Place' art 3
  55. 'Melrose Place' art 2
  56. 'Drawn Together' movie announced
  57. Animation fest opens with Park film
  58. ABC schedules 'Eastwick'
  59. Korean lawmakers battle, OK media reforms
  60. Poll: Most would rather watch regular TV than Obama
  61. 'Host 2' gets Singapore backer
  62. Video game publishers escalate fight for their rights
  63. Taco Bell chihuahua dead at 15
  64. Who's liable for the Erin Andrews nude video?
  65. Comedy Central announces 'Drawn Together' movie
  66. Fox tops Tuesday with 'Hell's' return; 'Medium' makes CBS debut
  67. MW -- Film Review
  68. 'Ugly Betty' heads to TV Guide Network
  69. Report: Entertainment biz slumping